Badgett RG, Moore M. Are Students Able and Willing to Edit Wikipedia to Learn Components of Evidence-Based Practice? Kansas Journal of Medicine. 2011 August ; 4(3):62-69.

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<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Exercise|author=Anonymous|publisher=National Library of Medicine|location=Bethesda, MD  |accessdate= |format= |work=}}</ref>

Anonymous. "Exercise". Bethesda, MD: National Library of Medicine.


Helpful templatesEdit

  • Pharmacology
    • {{pharma-stub}}
    • [[Category:Drugs]]
    • {{DailyMed|1053|Flumazenil}}
    • Template:Drugbox
  • {{sectstub}}
  • {{ICD9|xxx}}
  • Template:Disputed-section {{disputed-section|talk page section name}}
  • [[Category:Medical tests]]
  • Signs and symptoms
    • {{med-sign-stub}}
    • [[Category:Medical signs]]
    • [[Category:Medical symptoms]]
    • [[Category:Physical examination]]

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