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Biographical sketch

My name is Adrianne Wadewitz. Currently I am a Mellon Digital Scholarship Fellow at Occidental College. In 2011, received a PhD from Indiana University in English literature. My dissertation was on the self and sensibility in eighteenth-century British children's literature. You can find me on the web here.

Partially because of my work on Wikipedia, the digital humanities has become an interest of mine and I have presented academic papers and published on how to integrate Wikipedia into the classroom. I am involved in the Wikipedia Education program and am on the Wiki Education Foundation Board of Directors. I have worked on various Wikimedia education initiatives and written a brochure on how to use Wikipedia in the classroom. My courses on Wikipedia:

Apart from my interest in literature and history (which are integrally tied together for me), some of my hobbies include playing classical piano, reading popular science books, rock climbing, and hiking.

Conflict of interest statement

I am employed by Occidental College and am currently working on Sociological Images, an article about a blog maintained by a faculty member at that institution. I myself have no connection to the blog but do know the faculty member.

Alternate account used for outreach events: User:Queeralice

Wikium vitae

I have contributed a few images to Wikimedia Commons, such as this one of the Sheesh Gumbad tomb in the Lodhi Gardens.

I made my first edit to Wikipedia on 18 July 2004. In the past, I have reviewed at Featured article candidates, Peer Review and Good article nominations. I particularly enjoy reviewing literature articles, since that is my area of expertise, and science articles to ensure their accessibility to the general public. If you would like me to review your article, please leave a message on my talk page and I will give it a careful and thoughtful review. I will also respond to specific copy editing requests.

Currently, I am engaged in outreach work, encouraging professors to contribute to and teach with Wikipedia. I worked in the Public Policy Initiative as a Campus Ambassador to further these goals and am now part of the United States Education Program.

I would specifically like to thank Kaldari who helped initiate a wiki-newbie on Mary Wollstonecraft and encouraged me to take it to FAC. I would also like to thank the following editors for their insightful contributions to projects I have worked on: Opabinia regalis, lquilter, qp10qp, WillowW, scribblingwoman, AnonEMouse, Markus Poessel, Outriggr, Scartol, Roger Davies, Ruhrfisch, Maria, Moni3, Brianboulton, Xover, Simmaren, Ealdgyth, Elcobbola, Laser brain, Shoemaker's Holiday, Durova, Cirt, and Casliber. I would also like to thank Jeeny who polished up many images for me. I wish that there were more Wikipedia editors such as these and that I could work with them more often.