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"Anonyymi" means Anonymous in Finnish. Simple, huh?

Short Story about block and unblockEdit

So, shortly after I created this account in order to take part (I wanted people to recognize me better) in the discussion regarding the Lolicon article, I was blocked for indefined period with "trolling" as the reason. Now, I have been unblocked, with the condition to "stay the hell away" from anything related to WP:PAW. It sucks, but hey, I can still take part in the discussion under my IP (I was given permission to do so in this condition-thing). So, back to using my IP, at least for this matter.

It kinda sucks though, I was told to cause "disruption" in the discussion because I was a new user, even though long-time users shared the same views with me. So basically, I wasn't even doing anything wrong really, yet I can't take part in the discussion anymore under this username. Oh well.

--Anonyymi 21:45, 8 June 2007 (UTC)