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Hello. I am Andreas Willow, or more accurately, I have aliased myself Andreas Willow. This name is purely fictious and is not, in any way, related to me or my activities, hence this particular choice.

I am a great fan of Wikipedia and I hope to improve it wherever and whenever I can. My only current areas of expertise are liquid crystals, DNA microarrays and gene regulatory networks, which are topics in Theoretical physics and Biophysics. However, I am a great fan of mostly everything that occurs in Nature, so I know quite a lot about geophysics, climatology and meteorology. Additionally I love programming, which I do, without any exceptions, in the C++ programming language.

Something about myselfEdit

I am a 27-year old PhD researcher at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. My interests are numerous and diverse, although many are related to physics and maths. I like writing fantasy stories and have been working on my own novel for a couple of years. Together with a friend of mine, I also am working on an open source cross-platform RPG video game.


Being a horrible perfectionist, I make a lot of minor edits everywhere because I hate minor inaccuracies, dead links, and spelling and language errors. Occasionally, I will however choose to create an article about a subject that I like a lot, and that deserves a better treatment on Wikipedia than currently present. Hence, I have initiated or substantially improved the following pages:

  • 2007 Antofagasta earthquake - Gathering more info about this earthquake as more reports became available.
  • 2010 Chile earthquake - Similar. Trying to make this article a well-structured and well-sourced source of information for people interested in this current event.
  • La Niña - My first real article. It was mainly composed of information of the ENSO Wikipedia page and the NOAA site. I'm happy to see that nowadays, it's a useful article, even if I only have been involved in its creation and writing in the very beginning.

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