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Hi. I'm Garrett. I was 15 when I started editing, now I'm a graduate of the University of Texas film school. I write articles about what interests me which is mostly related to the entertainment industry, cars, motorcycles, and a few odd balls here and there. I like to focus on making substantial additions to individual articles more so than minor edits. I'd also like to get an article to GA or FA status but that requires dealing with the bureaucracy so I haven't submitted one yet.

These I feel are my best articles.

Contributions edit (bold ones are my favorites)
Original Articles

A is for Atom | All singles of MC Solaar | AMS Pictures | Buy to cover | Destination Earth | Dror Soref | Cinquième As | Chef Tony | Film Geek | Fukkatsu no hi | Golgo 13: Kûron no kubi | Happy Accidents | International Display Works | Le Tour de la Question| Not Forgotten | Paradisiaque | Prose Combat | University of Texas at Austin College of Communication | Your safety first | Worst Case Discharge

Major Additions

2000s | Acura MDX | An Evening with Kevin Smith | Bully (film) | Boxing | C corporation | Cinco Ranch High School | Clerks. | The Corporation | Cry Of The Banshee | Dodge Viper | Fight Night: Round 2 | Film School | For What It's Worth | GTA: San Andreas | Kent-Meridian High School | Mach 6 | MC Solaar | Midnight movies | Morton Ranch High School| P90X | Pleasantville (film)| Qui sème le vent récolte le tempo | Range Rover Evoque | Rocko's Modern Life | Walk This Way


{{Tim Burton Films}} | {{Twilight Zone}} | {{WikiProjectBoxing}} | {{WPB Announcements}} | {{User Boxing}} | {{WikiProjectSongs}} | {{Boxing History}} | {{Katy ISD High Schools}} | {{Fight Night}} | {{American Pie}} | {{Finance sidebar}} | {{Rocko's Modern Life}} | {{MDX}} | {{Michael Mann}} | {{Saw Series}} | {{Cube film series}} | {{MC Solaar}} |