Vsyak kulik svoyo boloto khvalit. Every sandpiper praises his own swamp. Russian proverb

(Everybody praises one's own work no matter how inferior it is)

Welcome to my user website. I was born at Novgorod but I stay at Lyon since 2002 and sometimes at Aragon and Catalonia Spain Dr. in Medicine (Pharmacology) at Saint Petersburg State University and Ph.D History (Modern and Contemporary History of Medicine in Europe), Lomonosov University. Some years back I collaborated with studies in the Herbarium and with the unit of Information-Analytical Center for Theoretical Problems of Historical Studies, held by the history department. My research focus on works from XVI&XVII centuries, specially medical works from France.

As soon as the sun surpasses the moon

as late as the wind would make my fur blue

I will run through the tundra

I will hear your quiet foot.

Do not try to conceal, certainly you will lose

for I am your conscience, I know what was good,

I'm tired of waiting, of remaining where I stood

cause I am the lone tiger of the Siberian woods.

I am a titan lured by the truth.

Belousov.A.I. Poems Book,23. Наука

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