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Being a self-proclaimed know-it-all, it makes natural sense to participate in adding to the Wikipedia project.

By day, I am VP of Technology at Unishippers, and by night I am a contributor to several Open Source Projects including Fire and Adium (both of which are Instant Messaging clients for Mac OS X).

The fascination with creating free software started in 1990 as I made my first public patches to OSF/Motif and TWM. Soon after, I released a network savvy enhancement to the Calendar Manager for SunOS.

Lest it be inferred that I am completely altruistic in my development efforts, be it known that my desire to eat has driven me to the Capitalist pursuits of employment in the Software Industry. I have worked for such companies as Amdahl, Novell and Citrix as well as several other smaller companies in the technology industry.

When dealing with computers or playing WoW wears too heavily on my senses, I have been known to spend time with my wife & kids as well as acting in local theater and film productions.