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I'm just one of the thousands of geeks who are hooked on the joys of editing on Wikipedia. Somebody save me please! Although, it's cheaper than having a girlfriend...

This describes me:  

Why I editEdit

I have been editing on Wikipedia for over ten years and have made my share of mistakes and continue to do so. There is layer upon layer of policy nowadays; I can't track it all. I write articles because I am sincerely interested in the topics. If I stand up for the ones I work on, it is in the spirit of being a contributor to Wikipedia. If you disagree with me, let's not make it personal or a question of guilt or innocence. If I disagree with you, I sincerely disagree, but I hope to always be open to good advice.

Articles i've created or contributed to:Edit

I live in Toronto, so I edit about Toronto. Since I'm Canadian, I am forced to write about ice hockey. I just can't help it. I've started contributing to editing film articles, and maybe there I can make a useful contribution (finally). Also, since I am Canadian, I appreciate politeness, please.


Ice hockeyEdit


Working on:Edit

  • I'm still working on various things with the Godzilla franchise. I'd like to find a listing of Japanese movie awards.
  • organizing and improving the articles on the various laws of Canada (see Canadian federal legislation category)
  • adding provinces to mentions of Canadian cities, where appropriate, per WP:CANPLACE
  • correcting publisher= usage in Template:citation inclusions - often should be work= or website=
  • correcting links to Toronto, that might be to York, or not include Canada
  • reducing duplicate wikilinks
Was working on, but I think these are covered
  • linking Canadian biographical pages to the Canadians page rather than to the Canada page which seems to have been used for a long time
  • processing all of the links to the Canadian page, which is a redirect, to either Canadians or Canada, or topical (e.g. Cinema of Canada) based on the original editors intent

(last rev. Nov. 2019)

To doEdit

To do