User:Aircorn/Transgender people in sports

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Challenges for athletesEdit

  • Locker rooms he'd been using for years were suddenly inaccessible. The pool where lap lengths had stretched into miles of training shorted him admission. At a Team USA qualifying race in North Carolina in June (which decides the 2017 roster), Mosier couldn't even use the restroom due to the currently standing HB2 law.[1]
  • Before the new IOC policy (and others that write trans athletes into the rulebook) became officially enacted in January 2016, Mosier and other trans athletes had to play a regulatory waiting game. For nearly six months–from June until January–trans athletes, regardless of team standings, were ineligible for international and national competition.[2]
  • Mosier expressed that often, worrying about how other athletes, the public and organizations will react is what delays trans gender athletes when making the decision to come out.[3]