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As a professional educator and writer my principal editing roles are fixing grammar, punctuation and style problems in articles. I believe that articles should be written in a straightforward and modern English style (not in a convoluted and outdated 19th century style as so many articles sadly are). I will take strong action against the misuse of articles for any kinds of hype, advertising, slander and blatant bias. I do not suffer fools gladly and have a low tolerance for the many editors who frequently misuse articles for promoting their personal opinions or their uncritical following of belief systems. I do not make many editing mistakes but I am always happy to have any mistakes corrected if done politely and with reference to the Manual of Style instead of merely personal preference.

People with Wikipedia pages who I have known or metEdit

Adam Phillips (psychologist), Alan Jones (priest), Ann Vriend, Ben Folds, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Blossom Dearie, Brian Cadd, Claudio Naranjo, David Farrer, David Tacey, Derek Guille, Don Richard Riso, Eddie Maguire, Eddi Reader, Eli Jaxon-Bear, Enya, Frank Little, Frank Woods (archbishop of Melbourne), George Pell, Glenn Shorrock, Graham Leonard, James Hillman, Janis Ian, John Farnham, John Gorton, John Hepworth, John Hazlewood, John Macquarrie, Jon Faine, Graham Leonard, Helen Garner, Janis Ian, Jim Keays, John Clarke (satirist), John A. Sanford, John Howard, Johnny O'Keefe, Les Murray (poet), Loudon Wainwright III, Luka Bloom, Marcus Loane, Matthew Fox (priest), Melanie Safka, Michael Palin, Michael Ramsey, Molly Ringwald, Nick Dal Santo, Robert Dann, Robert A. Johnson (psychotherapist), Robert Runcie, Rosalind Runcie, Rosemary Clooney, Rowan Williams, Roy Higgins, Peter Carnley, Peter Hollingworth, Thomas Moore (spiritual writer), Tiny Tim (musician), Tom Paxton

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Some pages of helpful information to get you started:
    Introduction to Wikipedia
    The five pillars of Wikipedia
    Editing tutorial
    How to edit a page
    Simplified Manual of Style
    The basics of Wikicode
    How to develop an article
    How to create an article
    Help pages
    What Wikipedia is not
Some common sense Do's and Don'ts:
    Do be bold
    Do assume good faith
    Do be civil
    Do keep cool!
    Do maintain a neutral point of view
    Don't spam
    Don't infringe copyright
    Don't edit where you have a conflict of interest
    Don't vandalize
    Don't get blocked
If you need further help, you can:
    Ask a question
or even:
    Ask an experienced editor to "adopt" you

Alternatively type {{helpme}} here on your talk page and someone will try to help.

There are many ways you can contribute to Wikipedia. Here are a few ideas:
    Fight vandalism
    Be a WikiFairy or a WikiGnome
    Help contribute to articles
    Perform maintenance tasks
    Become a member of a project that interests you
    Help design new templates

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The best way to learn about something is to experience it. Explore, learn, contribute, and don't forget to have some fun!
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