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"Kunskap är farligt hos folket-Den gör att människorna ser vad som är fel och vågar säga ifrån. Sprid kunskapen!"- citat Adville.

From October 2017 I have a double work situation which makes my contributions on both svwp and enwp be less than usual. I check my Watchlists dayly/weekly and will also see messages, but please have patience if I do not answer at once.

I was a teacher in grade 7-9 in Asarum and Stockholm, Sweden, in the subjects: Math, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and computer for 20 years. In private I have a huge interest in history. I am now working as a field service engineer in medical engineering (Robotics, like the robot WASP from italian company COPAN, Omnis from DAKO and a PVS from Sarstedt, but also haemonetics and other products) all over Sweden and Denmark.

I was born and raised in the little village Ebbalycke in the county Sölvesborg, landscape Blekinge in south of Sweden, but nowadays I live in Stockholm. I lived and worked one year as a high school teacher in Virginia, USA.

I am an administrator on the Swedish Wikipedia (July 2011-).

If you want to know more about me, or contact me, go to my Swedish profile. You may write in Swedish, English, Spanish or German.

I was a board member in Wikimedia Sweden for 3 years 2012-2015.


Because I have been a board member of WMSE and still am an admin on svwp it seems to be legit for exile Swedish users to accuse me for trying to boss around on enwp and write POV. To show this is not true I am listing the conflicts on enwp that I have been involved in here to let others judge my edits. (not completed yet):

  • Pinochet was a dictator in Chile even if presedent Piñera made a law to not write the word in Chilean schoolbooks. It is still written dictator in the article, as I wanted it to be according to sources. outcome: enwp agreed with my opinion
  • In Septembre 2016 I became aware of a source on svwp that was own research during a discussion about an article. The source was deleted on svwp and just because it was own reserarch I also wanted to delete it on enwp, were it was used. The source discussion which led to accusations that I and some others that had read the source was hunting the user adding the source finally was removed because more editors on enwp also agreed that it was own research and should be deleted. outcome: enwp agreed with my opinion

Judge now yourself if I'm here to mock with users on enwp or trying to write a neutral Wikipedia.

Notes to myselfEdit

Feb 2018: Not all users wants to be thanked when doing good things.