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Information About A Guy Who Has To Much Time On His HandsEdit

Howdy, Adrian here, and just a heads up I am not the next Stephan King, but hey I use only the most creditable sources so don't hate. I like to, as well as my colleagues, consider myself a good writer, not the best writer, but one that won't disappoint. One that is precise and to the point. Huskies, I love them, and I want one so bad. So, to all the pages on here about huskies, be warned, because you are about to edited, of course with only the most accurate information about the lovable dogs. Equines tooo, yo- Y'know, lets speed this process up a bit. All animal pages now have a new editor! And just in case you didn't read the header, I often find myself with to much time on my hooves, i mean hands.. Get it, it's a horse joke. Anyways, enough about animals, and the pages I am probably going to attempt to edit. I hate not being productive, if I'm not doing something to better myself in somehow. While saying that, I do like to have fun, and I'm really not that big of a workaholic, though my friends beg to differ, but then again they seem to pass around the term "lazy" and "hard-working" a lot around me, which is sort of confusing because I didn't think someone could be both. Totally going to change the topic here, but the user loves hoodies, they are just so convenient, I mean they come with a hood, long sleeves and even a pocket for a variety of things, even your hands! What more could you ask for, I mean other then the newest AA (top-rated) video game. Honestly the only bad thing about them is that you will burn up with them in the summer and they aren't exactly the most fashionable thing to wear, but hey if you are dressing for comfort on a cold winter day, look no farther.


This user enjoys long walks on the beach and 
a nice steak dinner while watching the sun set.

When the user isn't doing the activity stated above he is busy animating, drawing, and filming for his "professionally" ran youtube page, which has a variety of videos ranging from animations, live actions with tons of vfx, and even a few video games. I'll leave a link for any curious viewers. '' . Don't forget to subscribe (Regardless if you liked the nicely animated/filmed videos) I like to believe I ran a productive lifestyle, but everyone needs a break. So, when I break it often means I am logging on to League of Legends to gank all the lanes, or chilling out on netflix, sampling all the newest animes. (Or speed watching all the episodes of Doctor Who) Another big hobby of mine is cycling, nothing beats the fresh air rushing at you as he try to avoid the (most faster then then you) cars. It may be a little dangerous, due to how me and my friends go about it, but hey, I can't spend all my life staring blankly at a computer screen. (If I I would love nothing more)

Wiki, The Nine and a Half DoctorEdit


The Header is referring to the British drama, Doctor Who, for anyone who didn't get it. The reason for the title is that I feel that Wikipedia is the Doctor and I am just another one of his companions. I mean think about it for a moment, Wiki can practically Time Travel, in just a few words you can be reading about World War Two, but you aren't just reading it, you can also edit it just as easy, as the Doctor can in the show. (Even now he doesn't intentionally try to change it) Okay so, it won't change the actually events of what happened that day or anything like that, but you can still edit it to how you see fitting. Yes, I know Wiki has a huge amount of fail safes, but I am just saying that it can be compared to David Tenant with a Sonic Screwdriver.

I Married my ComputerEdit

My laptop is a gorgeous black haired Ellen Page.

Here is my relationship with technology. Lets say.. you are starving, dying, you need something to eat and the only thing you have is a taco with a hidden bit of sour cream (Eck...) on it. So you go all about the taco looking for the piece without the sour cream, and when you find it you dive straight into it, destroying the soft shelled goodness in the most delicious of ways. . Easily, being one of the greatest tacos you have ever ate, and the sour cream wasn't really that bad. Basically what is said is, I love technology, but for some reason I can't trust it even no it has never really gave me a reason to not trust it. It was probably of all the evil robot movies i watched when I was just a little wee child. Did I mention I hated robots. So yeah, I have a love and hate relationship with computer, but she still showers me with love regardless of how I feel about her.

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  This user believes the cake is a lie!
Pulp FictionThis user knows that in France, they call a Quarter Pounder a Royale With Cheese because of the metric system.
PULPThis user does not think Marsellus Wallace looks like a bitch.
This user's other car is a TARDIS.
 This user has a vast array of Sonic screwdrivers.


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4KIDSThis user knows that if anyone dies, 4kids censors it.
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