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Achowat has been a fairly active Wikipedian for a number of years, generally doing simple Gnome Work guised by the veil of a number of IP Addresses. Since discovering the WikiProject for Parliamentary procedure, he has decided to Register up and start work when he can.

If you are here because of a perceived Conflict of Interest on my part, please see: Achowat's Conflict of Interest Disclosure


Achowat, (pronounced 'ɑtʃoʊˌwɑt), makes up part of my Vigil name. The name, in the language of the Delaware people, is W'lihan Wuliechsin Achowat which is translated in English as "He who speaks well, dangerously!". I also use the name for various log-ins across the internet, so if you see an 'Achowat' on a forum, a thread, or Twitter, chances are it's me.

Want to improve this page?Edit

I don't own this page, it is part of the community just like any page. As it does represent me and my contributions to that Community (and to the Encyclopedia), I have a compelling interest to keep it clean and accurate. I am, however, human and have the two qualities of fallibility and limitation. If I've done something in err just go ahead and fix it.

Kudos ReceivedEdit

To-Do ListEdit

Below are projects Achowat is in the process of researching and adding to the MainSpace

 B Standardize and improve the Articles on the Amendments to the United States Constitution
 B Fortgate (Fan Mistreatment and subsequent protest during the 2011 New England Revolution season)
 B Codfish Bowl (Annual collegiate ice hockey tournament in Boston, MA)
 B You can't get there from here (traditional New England phrase; currently links to a Comedy duo)
 B List of national association football teams by nickname is in serious need of work.
 B Joe Barriskill (Influential early United States soccer executive)
 B Clean up Jim Del Gaizo
 B Clean up Flag of New England
 B Portal:Canada - Very close to WP:FPO
 B NPOV Matt Kenseth
 C Adding Demeter's to the various pages for motions
 C Revere High School (Massachusetts) - Recent press coverage could easily pass WP:CSD, WP:PROD and WP:AfD

Completed ProjectsEdit

 Football (soccer)  

  Counter-Vandalism Unit  

  Wikimedia New England  


Adopt a Redirect!Edit

Just like the "Adopt a Typo" program, you can also adopt a redirect! Most common redirects to be adopted are misspellings, miscapitalization, and either over or under translation. Remember, with all things that this isn't cut and dry; due to WP:COMMONNAME and the Manual of Style there might be reasons why the redirect is preferred over the Article's name. As with everything you do, Be Bold, but not reckless. Simply go to the soft redirect page, find out What Links there, and use that as your guide. If you have any questions ask.

My adopted redirectsEdit

 YLibertadores Cup to Copa Libertadores
 Y Pretty much every redirect to FIFA, excluding Fédération Internationale de Football Association (to be done)

To Be AdoptedEdit

Feel free to take these off my hands until I can give them the love and appreciation they need. Also feel free to add any redirects to this Redirect Orphanage if you think they could enjoy the loving embrace of an adoptive editor.

Essays and draftsEdit

/RfA Process
/Portal/NG/Quality Content
/PCanada Sandbox

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RfB candidate S O N S% Ending (UTC) Time left Dups? Report

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