Dr AbuAmir Mandallah (a nickname), Biotechnologist/ BioInformatist (now:retired).

AbuAmir means "The father of Amir".

The nickname '''Mandallah''' hints to the name of my grandfather, murdered by Nazis in 1941, after whom I actually am named.

I have three professions (beside two military ones). I have an MsC in Biotechnology; my first job was at manufacturing and developing medical RIA kits. I have some patents from this era.

Then I studied analysis and design of Information Systems, and soon I found myself running a small software house. I also teached Data Processing in engineering colleges. Later I managed Medical Information Systems in a major network of hospitals. I became an expert in MUMPS (M technology), create an application generator for this environment and wrote several publications (in MUG quaterly)

My third profession was Diplomacy; I had the honor to represent my country in former USSR. There I had the occasion to write a Dissertation in Medical information technology.

In addition to my interest in biology, I also deal with the political and military history of the Soviet Union and of totalitarism in general.

My main contributions are short monographs concerning rare biochemicals.

Besides the Wikipedia, I am a grandparent of 17 (as in 2016). (In 2013 it was 11).


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