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Joined 11 January 2009
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- Doctor Who

Hello. I am a software developer with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I am also a published author in this field. My interests include history, politics and science. My editing stats according to Wikimedia Tool Labs are here. My edit summary stats are available here. My AfD stats are here.

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Articles in which I've made regular contributions.
Templates I find useful.
{{Dead link}}
Use for broken links.
Use for unsourced statements
{{Failed verification}}
Use for information that cannot be found in cited source.
{{unreliable source?}}
Use on sources which may not be reliable.
{{verify source}}
Use this when in doubt that the information can be verified.
{{You've got mail}}
Use this to notify an editor on their talk page that you've sent them an e-mail.
Use this to put text inside a rectagle.
Use this to highlight text.
Use this to create article links. See Template:La for more.
Use this to create user links. See Template:Lu for more.
Use this to 👍 Like something.
Use this to notify the user(s) you are replying to in a discussion.