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  • He wants to walk along the river and check out the graffiti --Herman Düne

I'm supposed to burn like fire, but I'm frozen to the bone
Can you mend hearts?
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Apprentissage =Tecktonik=

A little warning first...

This beginners course to a new kind of frog dance won't bring you on pro level, but it's still better than becoming an overweight wikiholic (or anything overweight for that matter :P)

Way more easy than full blown breakdance there really ain't no excuse anymore not to try it. So, let's entertain your neighbours and rheumatism consultant. You'll soon become the uncrowned queen in every waiting line and many other parents will give you (and your kids) funny looks, I promise ;)

Leçon N°1 Leçon N°6
Leçon N°2 Leçon N°7
Leçon N°3 Leçon N°8
Leçon N°4 Leçon N°9
Leçon N°5 Leçon N°10