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Hi, I'm ɱ.

Although I often perform a wide variety of tasks, I prefer content creation, research, and photography. I joined Wikipedia on June 27, 2009.

My primary focus for the past few years has been improving content about food, cooking, art, history, and geography.

Feel free to email me at or skype my acccount "ematwikipedia"!

Active projects: Non-discrimination policy proposalCincinnati Union Terminal (History, Museum Center, industrial murals)

my work: mobile view
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I am active on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, and enjoy documenting and photographing every part of a place I visit or live in or near, including areas of the American Northeast, California, and the South. While living near New York City from about 2012 to 2018, I was also a regular attendee, presenter, organizer, or volunteer at chapter and national/international events.

I have good experience dealing with financially conflicted editors, editing and approving their works, all prior to 2014. The only live work I was paid for was in 2014/16: Interactive Brokers and Thomas Peterffy, where I wrote drafts and requested edits; here's more information. About 99.978% of my edits are as a volunteer. Since then, I have been actively committed to maintaining WP:COI across Wikipedia, reporting undisclosed editors, reverting promotional edits, and nominating promotional articles for deletion.