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My articlesEdit

  1. Jamal Rahimov (at pl.wiki too)
  2. Sebastian Synoradzki (at pl.wiki too)
  3. Kelvyn Igwe (at pl.wiki and ru.wiki too)
  4. Antoni Giribet (at pl.wiki too)
  5. Gábor Bodó (at pl.wiki too)
  6. Cain Attard (at pl.wiki too)
  7. 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Moldova
  8. Avigdor Moskowitz (at pl.wiki too)

Visited countriesEdit

More than a weekEdit

  Poland (my homecountry),   Germany,   Czech Republic,   Italy,   Spain,   France,   Malta (with   Gozo and Comino),   Cyprus

More than a dayEdit

  Slovakia,   Great Britain (  England),   San Marino,   Monaco,   Russia (  Kaliningrad Oblast),   Romania

Only set footEdit

  Austria,   Netherlands,   Belgium