Usd al-ghabah fi marifat al-Saḥabah

Usd al-ghabah fi marifat al-Saḥabah (Arabic: أسد الغابة في معرفة الصحابة, lit.'The Lions of the Forest and the knowledge about the Companions'), commonly known as Usa al-Gabah, is a book by scholar Ali ibn al-Athir.[1][2] Written in 1200 and published in 2012, it is a biographical work of Prophet Muhammad and 7,554 of his companions.[3][4]

Usd al-ghabah fi marifat al-Saḥabah
AuthorAli ibn al-Athir
TranslatorUrdu Translated: Maulana Muhammad Abdul Shakoor Faruqi.
SubjectIslamic History, Biography of Sahabah, Timeline of Muhammad and his companions.
PublisherDar Ibn Hazm, Beirut, Lebanon
Publication date
Media typePrint, pdf


The accounts are ordered alphabetically. The title relies primarily on four other works: Ma'rifat al-Sahabah by Abi Na'im, al-Isti'ab fi Ma'rifat al-Ashab by Ibn 'Abd al-Barr, Ma'rifat al-Ashab and al-Dhayl 'ala Ma'rifat al-Ashab, both by Ibn Mandah.

Ibn Hajar notes in Taqrib; he was truthful, but habitually connected disjointed narrations without mentioning his sources.[5]