Uručča (Minsk Metro)

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Uručča (also referred to as Uruchcha or Uruch'ye) (Belarusian: Уручча, [uˈruttʂa]; Russian: Уручье, romanizedUruch'ye, pronounced [ʊˈrutɕjɪ]; lit. 'Brookside') is a Minsk Metro station, a terminus of the Maskowskaya line. Opened on November 7, 2007[1] it is the first station outside the Minsk Automobile Ring Road, located in the Uručča ('Brookside') microraion of Minsk's Metropolitan Borough of Pershamayski.

Minsk Metro sign logo.png Minsk Metro station
Uru44a 05.jpg
Station Hall
General information
Coordinates53°56′45″N 27°41′23″E / 53.94583°N 27.68972°E / 53.94583; 27.68972Coordinates: 53°56′45″N 27°41′23″E / 53.94583°N 27.68972°E / 53.94583; 27.68972
Owned byMinsk Metro
PlatformsIsland platform
Structure typeUnderground
Other information
Station code124
OpenedNovember 7, 2007 (2007-11-07)
Preceding station Minsk Metro sign logo.png Minsk Metro Following station
Terminus Maskowskaya line Barysaŭski trakt
towards Uruchcha

The station is shallow, in a pillar by-span design. As with all the recently built metro stations in Minsk, it has disabled access. The station is in the middle of the Uručča microraion on the northeastern edge of the city, with numerous connections to provincial bus routes and to Minsk International Airport.


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