Ursus in the Land of Fire

Ursus in the Land of Fire (Italian: Ursus nella terra di fuoco), released directly to U.S. television as Son of Hercules in the Land of Fire, is a 1963 Italian peplum film directed by Giorgio Simonelli and starring Ed Fury as Ursus, and Adriano Micantoni as the evil usurper, Amilcare.[1][2][3]

Ursus in the Land of Fire
Ursus in the Land of Fire.png
Directed byGiorgio Simonelli
Written byMarcello Ciorciolini
Luciano Martino
Produced byCine Italia Film
StarringEd Fury
Nando Tamberlani
Claudia Mori
Adriano Micantoni
Luciana Gilli
CinematographyLuciano Trasatti
Edited byFranco Fraticelli
Music byCarlo Savina
Distributed byFilmar
Release date
August 1963
Running time
91 minutes


The evil General Amilcare usurps the throne of King Lotar, after murdering him with the aid of the king's niece Mila. He then destroys a nearby village, killing or enslaving the people, which causes local hero Ursus to intervene and combat the dictator. Ursus enters a gladiator tournament in disguise and challenges Amilcare's authority, but is caught and put to manual labour.

King Lotar's daughter, Diana, is still being held prisoner and calls upon the help of Ursus, who escapes and does battle with Amilcare in an underground volcanic cavern.



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