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Urnayr was the king of Caucasian Albania from the Arsacid Dynasty. According to the Armenian historian Movses Kaghankatvatsi who provided a list of the Arsacid kings of Albania,[1] he followed king Vache I and was succeeded by king Vachagan II.

King of Caucasian Albania
Reign4th century AD
PredecessorVache I
SpouseAsay - sister of Shapur II
IssueVachagan II
FatherVache I
ReligionPaganism (Converted to Christianity in 314 and established the Church of Caucasian Albania)

King Urnayr went to Syria and accepted Christianity and was baptized around 314 AD by Gregory the Illuminator and tried to spread Christianity in his kingdom through the Church of Caucasian Albania, one of the earliest autocephalous churches in Christianity. He declared Christianity as the state's religion in the 4th century CE. Albania would remain a Christian state until the 8th century.[2]


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