Urabá Antioquia

Urabá Antioquia is a subregion in the Colombian Department of Antioquia that consists of two enclaves, one forming the northwest corner of the department the other, the west, both are along the Atrato River and are separated by the El Carmen del Darién and Riosucio municipalities of the Chocó Department with territories in both municipalities in dispute with Chocó. The region is made up by 11 municipalities. Most of this region's northern portion is part of the Colombian Caribbean Region bordering the Caribbean sea.

Location of the Urabá Antioquia region within the Antioquia Department.

Urabá Antioquia also acts as the headquarters of the powerful and ruthless Clan del Golfo, a cocaine-trafficking, neo-paramilitary organization.


Coordinates: 7°53′N 76°38′W / 7.883°N 76.633°W / 7.883; -76.633