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Uppum Mulakum

Uppum Mulakum
Uppum Mulakum.jpg
Uppum Mulakum Poster
Genre Sitcom
Written by Suresh Babu
Sreerag R.Nambiar
Shihab Karunagapally
Vadakkumthala Sreekumar
Jiyo Baby
Directed by R. Unnikrishnan
Starring See Cast
Opening theme Uppum Mulakum
Original language(s) Malayalam
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 340 as of 05 May 2017
Editor(s) Sateesh Kumar B
Harikrishnan P.
Camera setup S.J Sinu
Anoop Kattakada
Running time 18-25 mins
Original network Flowers (TV channel)
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release 14 December 2015 (2015-12-14) – present
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Uppum Mulakum is an Indian sitcom directed by R. Unnikrishnan. The show premiered on 14 December 2015[citation needed], and is aired from evenings at 8:00 pm and 11:30pm on Flowers tv HD [citation needed][1] .

The series depicts events in the life of Balachandran, his wife Neelima, and their four kids. The series features Biju Sopanam, Nisha Sarangh,Rishi S Kumar, Juhi Rustagi, Alen Iype, Shivani, Al Sabit in the lead roles.[2]


Plot summaryEdit

The sitcom drama revolves around the family of Balachandran aka Balu, his wife Neelima aka Neelu, their four kids Vishnu aka Mudiyan, Lakshmi aka Lachu, Keshav aka Keshu, Shivani aka Shiva and Neelima's Brother Sreekuttan (aka kuttu, sree kuttu maman). They are occasionally visited by Balu's brother Surendran, his cousin Rema, Neelima's parents Kuttan Pillai and Bhavani Amma, her cousin Makhi and their neighbours Bhasi, Shukoor, and Nawas.


  • Biju Sopanam as Balachandran Thampi aka Balu aka Motta Balu
  • Nisha Sarangh as Neelima Balachandran aka Neelu
  • S. P. Sreekumar as Sreekuttan aka Kuttu Maman
  • Rishi S.Kumar as Vishnu Balachandran aka Mudiyan
  • Juhi Rustagi as Lakshmi Balachandran aka lachu
  • Alen Iype as Ashwin Balachandran aka Ashu
  • Nimita Ann as Meenakshy Balachadran aka meenu
  • Achsah Aju as Neenu balachadran aka Neenu
  • Master Al Sabith as Keshav Balachandran aka Keshu
  • Baby Shivani Menon as Shivani Balachandran aka Shiva aka "Kuruttu"
  • Varsha Abhay as Rema
  • Suresh Babu as Bhasi
  • Rajendran N as Padavalam Kuttan Pillai
  • Chinnu Kuruvila as Mahima aka Mahi aka Makhi
  • Muraleedharan Pangodu as Shankarannan aka Chankarannan
  • Binoj Kulathoor as Surendran Thampi
  • Surya Noufal as Shukoor aka Akri Shukoor
  • Nawas as Nawas
  • Baby Riya as Aleena Francis
Guest appearance

Notable EpisodesEdit

No Episode Plot
39 Lachu's script gets selected for a short-film competition. She enlists the help of her family and sets out to make the film.
40 The family faces a financial crunch. Balu lies to his family that he found employment in an electronics factory and begins working surreptitiously as a manual laborer in a stone quarry.
48 Rema, a relative of Balu, arrives at the house seeking refuge from her abusive husband.  Balu tries to hide Rema's presence inside the house from Neelu and the kids.
49 Balu introduces Rema as an orphan and makes Neelu accept her as a housemaid.  Neelu grows suspicious with Balu's antics and summons Sreekuttan.
50 Sreekuttan comes visit and Neelu shares with him her doubts about Balu and Rema.  Trouble ensues.
62 Balu surprises the family on Sreekuttan's birthday.
84 Keshu and Shiva score high marks in exam. Lachu falls below expectations and receives a telling off from Neelu. Lachu decides to harm herself, only to be discovered and consoled by the family.
100 Neelu complains of stomach ache. Balu takes Neelu to the hospital. Much to their surprise, pregnancy test returns positive. The family is overjoyed on hearing the news.
101 Neelu's parents come visit the family. Neelu's mother tries to convince Neelu to get an abortion. The family hears from the hospital again.
128 Balu goes missing while travelling to Neyyattinkara by train. He returns home the next day with a story that he overslept and ended up in Madurai. Neelu is not pleased.
134 Balu goes to the market to buy fish to cook in order to pacify the kids, but instead buys a live hen to raise.  Trouble ensues.
135 Mudiyan's friends give a makeover to Balu and turns him into a hipster.  Balu learns some valuable lessons in the process.
146 Neelu refuses to cook for the day.  Balu and the kids try to cope with the situation.
204 The family faces a mouse problem.  The mouse is entrapped and Balu takes it away to kill it.  The family is perplexed when apparently the same mouse reappears.
219 Mudiyan's girlfriend nags him to change his hairstyle. Mudiyan succumbs finally with hilarious results.
236 Balu returns from Neyyattinkara in a foul mood. Neelu suspects he went to Madurai. The real reason leaves the family stunned.
237 Shiva is in a bad mood as Aleena Francis, Shiva's rival classmate and Keshu's crush, comes visit the house.
325 The family prepapres to celebrate Vishu.  Shankarannan and Rema come visit.
327 A street dog mauls Lachu. Balu sets out to extract revenge.
328 Neelu arranges for Keshu and Shivani to go to a summer camp.  Balu and the kids feel strongly against this.  They enlist the help of Kuttan Pillai and Bhavani Amma to wiggle out of it.
330 The family organizes and celebrates Shiva's birthday.
331 Balu attempts to give Mudiyan some life advice; however, Mudiyan ridicules Balu and dubbes him a failed man.  After Neelu's rebuke, a tearful Mudiyan apologizes to Balu.
332 Balu tries to have some romantic lone time with Neelu; however, is constantly interrupted by the kids.
333 The kids try all tricks to make Balu and Neelu organize and take them on a family trip.  Balu and Neelu conspire and outsmart the kids.
334 Bhavani Amma visits the family.  Balu and Mudiyan get into an argument.  Mudiyan leaves the house and returns with a girl, apparently his wife.  The family is shocked.
335 Mudiyan's wife turns out to be a tough cookie.  After a confrontation, she threatens the family with a machete, only for Bhavani Amma to wake up and realize all of this was a dream.
336 An unlikely alliance forms between Balu and Bhavani Amma, united by their criticism of Neelu.  Kids and Neelu conspire to break it up.
338 Balu tries to become an old fashioned marriage "broker." The attempt ends in disaster.
339 Balu enlists the help of a barber to give Mudiyan a haircut by hook or crook.


Flowers TV awards 2017
  1. Most popular serial
  2. Best Actor - Biju