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Uppum Mulakum is an Indian Malayalam language sitcom directed by R. Unnikrishnan, currently written by Afsal Karunagapally & Sreerag R. Nambiar. The show premiered on 14 December 2015 and is aired from 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm Monday to Friday on Flowers TV[1]

Uppum Mulakum
Uppum Mulakum.jpg
Genre Sitcom
Written by Afsal Karunagapally
Suresh Babu
Sreerag R Nambiar
Directed by R. Unnikrishnan
Starring Biju Sopanam
Nisha Sarangh
Rishi S Kumar
Juhi Rustagi
Al Sabith
Shivani Menon
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Malayalam
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 627 as June 15 2018
Cinematography S.J Sinu
Anoop Kattakada
Editor(s) Satheesh Kumar B
Harikrishnan P
Shijin Kuttan
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 15-25 mins
Original network Flowers (TV channel)
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release 14 December 2015 (2015-12-14) – present
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The series depicts events in the life of Balachandran, his wife Neelima, and their four kids. The series features Biju Sopanam, Nisha Sarangh, Rishi S Kumar, Juhi Rustagi, Al Sabith and Shivani Menon in the lead roles.[2]


Plot summaryEdit

The sitcom drama revolves around the family of Balachandran, his wife Neelima, their five children Vishnu, Lakshmi, Keshav, Shivani ,a new baby (not yet named) .Parvathy, elder daughter of the couple in earlier episode is removed from the show right now.

They are occasionally visited by Balu's brother Surendran,his parents, his cousin Rema and her father Shankaran, Neelima's parents Kuttan Pillai and Bhavani Amma, her cousin Makhi, their neighbours Bhasi, Shukoor, Nawas , auto driver Chandran and a family from Madurai - Kanakam and Chokkalingam.


Main castEdit

Recurring castEdit

  • S. P. Sreekumar as Sreekuttan aka Kuttu Maman
  • Rajendran N as Padavalam Veetil Kuttan Pillai
  • KPAC Shantha as Chonarathara Veetil Bhavaniyamma
  • Binoj Kulathoor as Kulathara Shoolankudi Veetil Surendran Thampi
  • Muraleedharan Pangodu as Shankarannan aka Chankarannan
  • Ramesh as Shoolankudi Madhavan Thampi
  • Jiji Kalamandir as Auto Chandran or Chandran
  • Anil Perumpalam as Jayanthan
  • Varsha Suresh Babu as Rema
  • Suresh Babu as Bhasi
  • Gowrilaxmi Biju as Kanmani Surendran Thampi
  • Surya Noufal as Shukoor aka Akri Shukoor
  • Nawas as Nawas
  • Chinnu Kuruvila as Mahima aka Mahi aka Makhi
  • Riya as Aleena Francis
  • Anand M Puthoor as Sub Inspector
  • Bipin Kurian as Police officer
  • Julie Anil s Police Officer
  • Rohini Rahul as Kanakam

Guest appearancesEdit


{{Episode table |overall=1 |season=1 |title=38 |director=1 |writer=3 |country=India |episodes=

{{Episode list/sublist|Uppum Mulakum | EpisodeNumber = 590 | EpisodeNumber2 = 590 | DirectedBy = R. Unnikrishnan | WrittenBy = Mukesh | ShortSummary


39 39 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Lachu's script gets selected for a short-film competition. She enlists the help of her family and sets out to make the film
40 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
The family faces a financial crunch. Balu lies to his family that he found employment in an electronics factory and begins working surreptitiously as a manual laborer in a stone quarry.
48 48 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Rema, a relative of Balu, arrives at the house seeking refuge from her abusive husband. Balu tries to hide Rema's presence inside the house from Neelu and the kids.
49 49 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu introduces Rema as an orphan and makes Neelu accept her as a housemaid. Neelu grows suspicious with Balu's antics and summons Sreekuttan.
50 50 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Sreekuttan comes visit and Neelu shares with him her doubts about Balu and Rema. Trouble ensues.
56 56 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
The cheeky Shiva and Keshu go outside to play but shiva gets lost. Trouble ensues.
62 62 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu surprises the family on Sreekuttan's birthday.
73 73 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu's cousin Poornima makes a visit. Neelu becomes jealous
84 84 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Keshu and Shiva score high marks in exam. Lachu falls below expectations and receives a telling off from Neelu. Lachu decides to harm herself, only to be discovered and consoled by the family.
100 100 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Neelu complains of stomach ache. Balu takes Neelu to the hospital. Much to their surprise, pregnancy test returns positive. The family is overjoyed on hearing the news.
101 101 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Neelu's parents come visit the family. Neelu's mother tries to convince Neelu to get an abortion. The family hears from the hospital again
128 128 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu goes missing while travelling to Neyyattinkara by train. He returns home the next day with a story that he overslept and ended up in Madurai. Neelu is not pleased.
134 134 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu goes to the market to buy fish to cook in order to pacify the kids, but instead buys a live hen to raise. Trouble ensues.
135 135 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Mudiyan's friends give a makeover to Balu and turns him into a hipster. Balu learns some valuable lessons in the process.
146 146 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Neelu refuses to cook for the day. Balu and the kids try to cope with the situation.
166 166 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Family tour to kodaikanal makes a horror-comedy episode
191 191 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Neelu shares the tragic story of her niece Makki and how she survived it and lives her life for the happiness of others. Moved by it, the usually lazy Lachu decides to act responsibly in the house, but to the surprise of others. When exceeds limit, the family brings her back to her innate nature in a funny way
193 193 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Neelu informs the family that there are high chances for her to be promoted as the manager of her company. Neelu gets more serious in the family. Balu gets jealous. Finally the family makes fun of her when her promotion got postponed.
202 202 R. Unnikrishnan Sreerag R. Nambiar
Balu is trying to turn the clock by revisiting his old days where he used to write for dramas, but this time for a film as compelled by his childhood friend, but when the friend compels him to be the producer, he moves to Neelu and in the awry of situation Mudiyan turns everything upside down
205 205 R. Unnikrishnan Sreerag R. Nambiar
Shivani Cries for a Mobile as her classmate Aleena has bought a phone from her house and even Shivani says that she also wants to take a Phone with her, later the Balu and Neelu succeeds in making Shivani understand that there is no need for Mobile in her age
210 210 R. Unnikrishnan Sreerag R. Nambiar
The usually Lazy Lachu suddenly starts Studying much to the Family's surprise, how all of them reacts to it and why she studies so hard turns out to be the crux of the story.
217 217 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Lechu has to take care of her siblings in the absence of their father and mother.
219 219 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Mudiyan's girlfriend nags him to change his hairstyle. Mudiyan succumbs finally with hilarious results.
231 231 R. Unnikrishnan Sreerag R. Nambiar
Neelu finds out that Money has been missing from her bag regularly, Balu finds out who is it rest form the crux of the plot.
232 232 R. Unnikrishnan Sreerag R. Nambiar
Mudiyan and Friends move out to participate in a new Dance Reality Show, Mudiyan is confident of making it into the main Rounds of Dance Reality Show, his overconfidence prove to be bit high, How Balu helps him out forms the crux of the plot.
236 236 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu returns from Neyyattinkara in a foul mood. Neelu suspects he went to Madurai. The real reason leaves the family stunned.
237 237 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Shiva is in a bad mood as Aleena Francis, Shiva's rival classmate and Keshu's crush, comes visit the house.
256 256 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Neelu has a dream that her whole family's lifestyle has changed to a more modern lifestyle and the results are endless.
296 296 R. Unnikrishnan Sreerag R. Nambiar
Lechu becomes tution teacher ; but fails terribly
314 314 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Everyone except Lachu knows how to ride a bicycle. Lachu tries to ride the bicycle.
325 325 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
The family prepapres to celebrate Vishu. Shankarannan and Rema come visit.
327 327 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
A street dog mauls Lachu. Balu sets out to exact revenge.
328 328 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Neelu arranges for Keshu and Shivani to go to a summer camp. Balu and the kids feel strongly against this. They enlist the help of Kuttan Pillai and Bhavani Amma to wiggle out of it.
330 330 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
The family organizes and celebrates Shiva's birthday.
331 331 R. Unnikrishnan Sreerag R.Nambiar
Balu attempts to give Mudiyan some life advice; however, Mudiyan ridicules Balu and dubbes him a failed man. After Neelu's rebuke, a tearful Mudiyan apologizes to Balu.
332 332 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu tries to have some romantic lone time with Neelu; however, is constantly interrupted by the kids.
333 333 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
The kids try all tricks to make Balu and Neelu organize and take them on a family trip. Balu and Neelu conspire and outsmart the kids.
334 334 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Bhavani Amma visits the family. Balu and Mudiyan get into an argument. Mudiyan leaves the house and returns with a girl, apparently his wife. The family is shocked.
335 335 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Mudiyan's wife turns out to be a tough cookie. After a confrontation, she threatens the family with a machete, only for Bhavani Amma to wake up and realize all of this was a dream.
336 336 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
An unlikely alliance forms between Balu and Bhavani Amma, united by their criticism of Neelu. Kids and Neelu conspire to break it up.
338 338 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu tries to become an old fashioned marriage "broker." The attempt ends in disaster.
339 339 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu enlists the help of a barber to give Mudiyan a haircut by hook or crook.
359 359 R. Unnikrishnan Sreerag R. Nambiar
Mudiyan has gone to Bangalore for a Dance show, he has been constantly tried over by Neelu and Balu over the phone much to their disappointment they does not get him in the line later he comes back and Shouts at Neelu over the arguments, which makes Neelu, Balu and even Mudiyan sad. How Balu solves this situation forms the plot.
370 370 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Neelu informs Balu that her father has undergone dental prosthesis out of gold. Curious Balu tries several means to see it, but fails in each attempt. Jayanthan, Rema, Rema's father Sankaran Thampi, Kuttan Pillai and Bhavani Amma visits the house. Everyone advise Jayanthan to be more responsible in life.
409 409 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagapally
Everyone, especially Lachu, teases Shiva saying she has a dark skin tone but the whole idea backfire on lachu when she finds black ink on her face
471 471 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagappally
Balu returns from the lorry trip as Balu singh.
472 472 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagappally
Balu tries to buy a mini lorry.
473 473 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagappally
Balu tries to find information about an unidentified electronics part.
474 474 R. Unnikrishnan Sreerag R. Nambiar
Shivani gets low mark in class test. So Keshu teaches Shivani to get higher marks.
475 475 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Bhavinayamma angry at everybody.
476 476 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Bhavaniyamma cooks for Balu.
477 477 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu loses eyesight.
478 478 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagappally
Balu and family starts to save money in a money pot.
479 479 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagappally
Shivani gets rashes on her skin so Balu tries to clean the house and bathe Mudiyan.
480 480 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu and Neelu gets in a serious fight and that arises several other fights.
481 481 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu's mother comes to home and everybody starts telling about Balu's bad behaviour and habits.
482 482 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Balu asks his mother to cook something special for him. Balu arranges Chicken for that.
483 483 R. Unnikrishnan Suresh Babu
Lechu elopes to get register marry.
484 484 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagappally
Because of the lack of dance programs of vishnu Balu teaches him electronics repair .
485 485 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagappally
Shivani gets high fever.
486 486 R. Unnikrishnan Sreerag R. Nambiar
Lechu collects some old things in order to reuse and recycle . And orders Keshu to collect some more things from outside and from shop. Lechus idea is to create some things and post the video in facebook and youtube. Lechu then makes some flowers and earings with old things . Everybody discourages her doing her work.
500 500 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagapally
Whole family reunites to celebrate Neelu's birthday
504 504 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagapally
Lechu got a temporary job as an Anganvadi teacher. This brings changes to Lachu's behaviour.
510 510 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagapally
Neelu's behaviour is weird and unacceptable the whole family has seen changes. Balu finds out that the reason for neelu's behaviour is that she is pregnant and this time for real.
519 519 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagapally
Neelu and bhavaney amma are not sure if they should abort the baby, the children find out about the pregnancy towards to the end of the episode.
578 578 R. Unnikrishnan Afsal Karunagapally
Balu comes back from Madurai with his autobiography called 'Garjanam' published, but it turns out to be a flop
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Flowers Comedy Awards 2016
  1. Most Popular serial
  2. Best Onscreen Pair
Flowers TV awards 2017
  1. Most popular serial
  2. Best Actor – Biju Sopanam
Mangalam TV awards 2017
  1. Best Comedian – Biju Sopanam
  2. Best Comedian female - Nisha Sarangh
  3. Best Child actress - Shivani, Al Sabith
Kerala State television awards 2017
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  2. Best Comedian – Biju Sopanam
  3. Best Comedian (Special jury) - Nisha Sarangh
Adoor Bhasi Memorial awards 2017
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