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UploadVR is a virtual reality media company based in San Francisco, California.[1][2] The company is best known for its virtual reality-driven events,[3] digital publication, and the Upload Collective, a VR focused co-working space in San Francisco that closed following a sexual harassment lawsuit stemming from sex parties that occurred in the space.[4][5] The organization focuses on helping to grow the global virtual reality and augmented reality industry. In 2015 UploadVR received a $1.25m investment from Shanda Group.[6]

Industry Virtual reality and augmented reality
Founded 2014
Founder Taylor Freeman
Will Mason



UploadVR was founded in 2014 by Taylor Freeman and Nick Ochoa out of assets developed for a client of Guru Media. After leaving Guru Media they re-branded those client assets "JustVR" and later renamed it to "UploadVR".[7] The organization formed out of a meetup group in San Francisco. The first event had 60 people and six demos ranging from DK1s to early NASA hardware.[8][9] Over the following six months UploadVR produced over 20 events ranging from small events to AWE, a 3,000 person, 3-day conference they co-produced with in June 2015.[10] The company currently organizes events, covers the industry and runs the Upload Collective.[11]

UploadVR investors include Joe Kraus, David Freeman,[12] Larry Braitman, VRI, and Shanda Group.[13][14]


In May 2017, a former employee of the company submitted a lawsuit against the company and alleged the company of gender discrimination and sexual harassment at the workplace.[15] Although the company said that the allegations were "entirely without merit", the lawsuit was reported to be settled on September 9th 2017.[16][17]


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