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UploadVR is a virtual reality media company based in San Francisco, California.[1][2] The company is best known for its virtual reality-driven events,[3] digital publication, and the Upload Collective, a VR focused co-working space in San Francisco.[4] The organization focuses on helping to grow the global virtual reality and augmented reality industry. In 2015 UploadVR received a $1.25m investment from Shanda Group.[5]

Industry Virtual reality and augmented reality
Founded 2014
Founder Taylor Freeman
Will Mason



UploadVR was founded in 2014 by Taylor Freeman, William Mason, and Nick Ochoa, however Ochoa left the company in September 2014 prior to the company's seed funding round in December 2014.[6] The organization formed out of a meetup group in San Francisco. The first event had 60 people and six demos ranging from DK1s to early NASA hardware.[7][8] Over the following six months UploadVR produced over 20 events ranging from small events to AWE, a 3,000 person, 3-day conference they co-produced with in June 2015.[9] The company currently organizes events, covers the industry and runs the Upload Collective.[10]

UploadVR investors include Joe Kraus, David Freeman,[11] Larry Braitman, VRI, and Shanda Group.[12][13] The company settled a lawsuit for "rampant" sexual behavior and wrongful termination of women in the workplace in September 2017.[14][15]


In May 2017 it was revealed that the company was part of a Sexual Harassment lawsuit. The suit alleges that employees would talk frankly about sexual topics while on the job and that they deployed a room dubbed the "Kink Room" where employees would have sexual intercourse.[14]

  • Elizabeth Scott v. UploadVR - UploadVR sued for gender discrimination, hostile work environment, sexual harassment, failure to prevent harassment, negligent hiring, Violation of the California Equal Pay Act, failure to reimburse for necessary business expenditures, intentional infliction of emotional distress and wrongful termination.[16]

The lawsuit was settled in September 2017. [17] The company announced their appointment of Anne Ahola Ward, the SEO manager for the company, to the role of COO in the press release announcing they had reached a settlement agreement. Ward posted her commitment to "make it clear that Upload is a place where everyone is welcome. Everyone." on the internal site, which was then published in TechCrunch. [18] Ward announced her departure from the company in October 2017. [19]


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