Universum (building)

Coordinates: 63°49′11″N 20°18′20″E / 63.81972°N 20.30556°E / 63.81972; 20.30556

Universum is a building at the campus of Umeå University, in Umeå, Sweden, which contains the auditorium Aula Nordica,[1] the offices of the student unions, a dining hall, a cafeteria and group study rooms. The building is owned by the government-owned property company Akademiska Hus.

The entrance to Universum

The first phase of the construction was completed in 1970. The auditorium extension was drafted by Arkinova Architects and was constructed in 1996-97.[2] In September, 2006, Universum was reinaugurated after a major renovation.


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