University of Zulia

The University of Zulia (Spanish: La Universidad del Zulia, also known as LUZ literally meaning "light" in Spanish), is a public university whose main campus is located in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela. LUZ is one of the largest and most important universities of Venezuela.

La Universad del Zulia
MottoPost Nubila Phoebus (After the clouds, the sun)
EstablishedMay 29, 1891 (re-opened October 1, 1946)
Location, ,

The University of Zulia has three campuses: two in Zulia State, in the cities of Maracaibo (being the biggest and most important of the three) and Cabimas; and one in the city of Punto Fijo, located in Falcón State.


The history of the university begins when a decree converting the Federal College of Maracaibo into the University of Zulia was passed on May 29, 1891. The university itself began its operations on September 11 of that same year. Its first Chancellor was Francisco Ochoa.

In 1909, the government ordered the closure of the university for political reasons. It would remain closed until October 1, 1946. This event is known as La Reapertura (The Reopening). The first Chancellor after the reopening was Jesús Enrique Lossada.


The university offers the following undergraduate programs:

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