University of Tartu Sports Hall

The University of Tartu Sports Hall (Estonian: Tartu Ülikooli Spordihoone) is a multi-purpose indoor arena complex in Tartu. It was opened in 1982 and is owned by the University of Tartu Academic Sports Club.[1]

University of Tartu Sports Hall
University of Tartu Sports Hall.png
LocationUjula 4, Tartu, Estonia
Coordinates58°23′19.1″N 26°43′19.71″E / 58.388639°N 26.7221417°E / 58.388639; 26.7221417Coordinates: 58°23′19.1″N 26°43′19.71″E / 58.388639°N 26.7221417°E / 58.388639; 26.7221417
OwnerUniversity of Tartu Academic Sports Club
CapacityBasketball: 2,500
Tartu Ülikool/Rock (1982–present)
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It's located on the left bank of the Emajõgi, in Ülejõe neighbourhood.

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