Faculty of Economics Podgorica

The University of Montenegro Faculty of Economics (Montenegrin: Ekonomski fakultet Univerziteta Crne Gore Економски факултет Универзитета Црне Горе) is one of the educational institutions of the University of Montenegro. The building is located in Podgorica, next to the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Political Sciences building. The Podgorica School of Economics is Montenegro's leading educational institution in business end economics.

Faculty of Economics Podgorica
Ekonomski fakultet
Univerzitet Crne Gore
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Faculty of Economics (red building)
Parent institution
University of Montenegro
Academic affiliations
University of Montenegro
ProvostĐurđica Perović,Irena Orović
RectorDanilo Nikolić
DeanMijat Jocović
DirectorZdenka Dragašević
Administrative staff
47 professors
Jovana Tomaševića 37
, ,
42°26′46″N 19°15′25″E / 42.44615°N 19.257037°E / 42.44615; 19.257037Coordinates: 42°26′46″N 19°15′25″E / 42.44615°N 19.257037°E / 42.44615; 19.257037
ColoursBlue and white


The Faculty of Economics was founded in 1960, and is the oldest institution of higher education in Montenegro.[1] It was a part of the University of Belgrade until April 29, 1974, when the Agreement on Association into the University of Titograd (today's University of Montenegro) was signed with the representatives of the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Engineering, the Teaching College from Nikšić, the Maritime Studies College from Kotor and three independent scientific institutes from Titograd.

Degree programsEdit

Undergraduate programEdit

The curriculum of undergraduate studies at the Faculty comprises eight courses:

  • Entrepreneurship and Business
  • Finances
  • Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Quantitative Methods in Economics
  • Information Systems
  • Economy of Public Administration

Postgraduate programsEdit

The curriculum of postgraduate studies at the Faculty comprises only one course: Entrepreneurial Economy.


Some of the school's renowned students and professors include:


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