University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

The University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore (UET Lahore) is a public university located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan specializing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.[1][2][3] It is the oldest and one of the most selective engineering institutions in Pakistan.

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
جامعہ ہندسیہ و تکنیکیہ لاہور
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Other name
Former names
Mughalpura Technical College, Maclagan Engineering College
MottoRead in the name of thy Lord who created!
Established1921 (1921)
Academic affiliations
Higher Education Commission (Pakistan)
Pakistan Engineering Council
Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners
Washington Accord
ChancellorGovernor of the Punjab
Vice-ChancellorSyed Mansoor Sarwar
RegistrarMuhammad Asif

Coordinates: 31°34′48″N 74°21′22″E / 31.57993°N 74.3561°E / 31.57993; 74.3561
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History and overviewEdit

Photomontage '18.

Founded in 1921 in Mughalpura, a suburban area of Lahore, as Mughalpura Technical College, it later became the 'MacLagan Engineering College', a name given to it in 1923 after Sir Edward Douglas MacLagan, the then Governor of the Punjab, who laid the foundation stone of the main building, now called the Main Block. In 1932, it was affiliated with the University of the Punjab for the award of Bachelor's Degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. In 1939, the name was again changed to Punjab College of Engineering and Technology, and a Civil Engineering degree was also started in the college. At the time of partition, part of the college relocated to India, called East Punjab College of Engineering.[4] In 1954, a bachelor's degree program in mining engineering was started. In 1962, it was granted charter and was named the West Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.[5] During the 1960s, bachelor's degree programs were started in chemical engineering, petroleum and gas engineering, metallurgical engineering, architecture and city and regional planning. In 1972, it was officially renamed the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. By the 1970s, it had established over a score of master's degree programs in engineering, architecture, city and regional planning and allied disciplines. Several Ph.D. degree programs were also started. A second campus of the university was established in 1975 in Sahiwal which was relocated to Taxila in 1978 and became an independent university in 1993 called the University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila.[6]

Today, it is widely considered one of the best and most prestigious engineering universities in Pakistan where more than 50,000 students apply for admission every year.[7]

The university, as of 2016, had a faculty of 881 people of which 257 had doctorates. It has a total of 9,385 undergraduate and 1,708 postgraduate students studying.[8] It has a strong collaboration with the University of South Carolina, University of Manchester and the Queen Mary University of London and has conducted research funded by Huawei, Cavium Networks, Microsoft and MontaVista.[9][10] It is one of the highest ranked universities in Pakistan with domestic rankings placing it as the fifth best engineering school in Pakistan while QS World University Ranking put it as 324th in world in the category of Engineeing & Technology in the year 2022. It is also ranked 51-100 in the category of Petroleum Engineering, 251-300 in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 301-350 in Mechanical Engineering, 351-400 in Chemical Engineering and 351-400 in Computer Science & Information Systems in the world by the same publication in 2022.[2][1] Meanwhile, in Asia the university ranking is currently ranked at No. 183rd.[11]

Aerial Panorama of UET Lahore and its surrounding


Khayaban e Fazal, the newly constructed entrance of UET Lahore

The campus is situated on the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road), a few kilometers from the Mughal era Shalimar Gardens.

Sub campuses and constituent collegesEdit

Sub-campus/Constituent college name Location Establishment
Rachna College of Engineering and Technology Gujranwala 2003
UET Faisalabad Campus Faisalabad 2004
UET KSK Campus Kala Shah Kaku (Sheikhupura District) 2006
UET Narowal Campus Narowal 2012
UET Narowal Campus (Temporary Building)
UET Lahore City Campus, Main Block

Faculties and departmentsEdit

Department of Chemical Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering

The university consists of following faculties and departments:[12]

Faculty of Architecture and PlanningEdit

  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of City and Regional Planning
  • Department of Product and Industrial Design

Faculty of Chemical, Metallurgical and Polymer engineeringEdit

  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • Department of Polymer and Process Engineering

Faculty of Civil EngineeringEdit

  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Transportation Engineering and Management
  • Department of Architectural Engineering and Design
  • Institute of Environmental Engineering and Research

Faculty of Earth Sciences and EngineeringEdit

  • Department of Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  • Department of Mining Engineering
  • Department of Geological Engineering

Faculty of Electrical EngineeringEdit

  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Computer Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science

Faculty of Mechanical EngineeringEdit

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Automotive Engineering
  • Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Department of Mechatronics and Control Engineering

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Humanities and Islamic StudiesEdit

  • Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Modern Languages
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Islamic Studies
  • Institute of Business and Management (IBM)[13]
Sports Complex, aka Old Auditorium, UET Lahore

Research centersEdit

Laser and Optronics Center

The university consists of the following research centers:

  • Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science (KICS)
  • Huawei – UET Joint TeleComm and IT Center[14]
  • Center for Language Engineering[15]
  • ZTE – UET Joint TeleComm Center[16]
  • Laser and Optronics Center[17]
  • Energy Research Technologies Development Center[18]
  • Institute of Environmental Engineering and Research[19]
  • DSP and Wireless Communication Center[20]
  • Center of Excellence in Water Resources Engineering[21]
  • Research Center[22]
  • Software Engineering Center[23]
  • Manufacturing Technologies Development Center[24]
  • Automotive Engineering Center[25]
  • Nano Technology Research Center[26]
  • Innovation and Technology Development Center
  • Engineering Services UET Pakistan (Pvt) Limited (ESUPAK)[27]
  • Center for Energy Research and Development
  • BioMedical Engineering Center

More than 870 students are foreign students and more than 1000 are female students.[28]


University rankings
Global – Overall
QS World[29]801-1000 (2023)
Regional – Overall
QS Asia[30]183 (2022)

Teaching facultyEdit

The faculty consists of 741 people including 14 international faculty members; around 122 have doctoral degrees.[31] Its faculty holds one Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, one Sitara-i-Imtiaz, one Izaz-e-Kamal Presidential Award and nine HEC Best Teacher Awards.

The university has established a Directorate of Research, Extension and Advisory Services which strives for the promotion and organization of research activities. The Al-Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Sciences is a notable name in research activity in computer sciences in Pakistan.

Co-curricular, extracurricular activities and student societiesEdit

The university has a sports complex, consisting of a swimming pool, tennis court, table tennis court, squash court and a cricket stadium that is also used for athletics. The university has several football grounds. Apart from sports-related facilities, there are societies to promote co-curricular activities. These include:

  • AIChE
  • Aks UET Photography Society
  • ASME Student Section
  • Blood Donors Society (BDS)
  • CESA ACI Student Chapter
  • Environmental and Horticultural Society (EHS)[32]
  • ICE Student Chapter UET Lahore
  • IEEE UET Student Branch
  • IET UET Lahore Section
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers' Club
  • Literary Society
  • Mechatronics Club
  • SGE
  • Society of Mining Engineers (SOME)
  • Society of Product and Industrial Design (SPID)
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), UET Lahore Student Chapter
  • UET Photography Club (UPC)
  • UET Science Society (SS)
  • SPACE Student Chapter
  • UET Debating Society
  • UET Dramatics Society
  • UET Media Society (UMS)
  • UET Tribune[33]

The National Library of Engineering ScienceEdit

National Library of Engineering Sciences

The National Library of Engineering Science, inaugurated by Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, is the central library of the university with a seating capacity for 400 readers and more than 125,000 volumes of books, 22,000 volumes of bound serials and 600 issues of scientific and technical serials on diverse fields.[34] The Library has the honor of having recently been chosen by the Higher Education Commission to serve as the primary resource center for engineering and technical education. It is a three-story building in front of Allah Hu Chowk.

Notable alumniEdit

Alumni in foreign university facultiesEdit


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