The University Tahri Mohamed Béchar is a university located in Béchar, Algeria. It was established in 1986;1992;2009.[1][2]

Enrollment and staffing edit

As of the 2014–2015 academic year, there were 14,000 students enrolled at the university and a total of 600 academic staff.[2]

Faculties edit

The university has eight (8) faculties:[3]

  • All university fields are brought together at the University of Béchar, which offers six main areas:
    • Science and technology: the Faculty of Science and Technology.
    • Economics and management: the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Commercial Sciences, and Management Sciences.
    • Letters and languages: the Faculty of Letters and Languages.
    • Law and political science: the Faculty of Law and Political Science.
    • Human and social sciences: the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences
    • Health: the Faculty of Medicine.

Facilities edit

The university has 10 conference rooms, 13 amphitheatres, 2 libraries, 16 computer rooms, and 72 teachers' offices.[2]

There are 4 chemistry laboratories, 4 biology laboratories, 5 physics laboratories, 7 electronics laboratories, 7 electrotechnical laboratories, 5 engineering laboratories, a hydraulic laboratory, a languages laboratory, and 2 mechanical engineering workshops.[2]

There are two research facilities; one is in the Department of Chemistry, and the other is an Energy Physics Laboratory.[2]

Cooperations edit

The university has cooperative ties with four universities in other countries:

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