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Universitetet ("the University") is a Metro station in the Frescati area, close to Stockholm University (Stockholms universitet), and the Museum of Natural History. It was opened on 12 January 1975 as the northern terminus of the extension from Tekniska högskolan. On 29 January 1978, the line was extended north to Mörby centrum.[1][2]

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Stockholm metro station
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Coordinates59°21′54″N 18°3′16″E / 59.36500°N 18.05444°E / 59.36500; 18.05444Coordinates: 59°21′54″N 18°3′16″E / 59.36500°N 18.05444°E / 59.36500; 18.05444
Owned byStorstockholms Lokaltrafik
Opened12 January 1975
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toward Fruängen
T14 line
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Since the 1990s, the art on the station consists of tiles featuring Carl von Linné and the UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights. This artwork is by Belgian and Parisian artist Françoise Schein. The station includes 12 large tiles panels all dedicated to the travels of Linné around the Baltic.[3] The artist used the travels as the starting point to develop the theme of nature and the ecological problems we are all living now in the world. The work was created in Lisbon on azulejos tiles, then brought to Stockholm. It represents in its conception and its production a real European work of art.

Not far from the station is the Universitetet railway station and several bus lines.


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