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The Universal Brotherhood is a cultural, non governmental, non religious, non profit, non sectarian organization. This organization was founded in Caracas, Venezuela by Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere and registered with the United Nations DPI (Department of Public Informatiyon) in 1949 in Algiers, Africa. The Universal Brotherhood was given special accreditation for 2000 by the NGO branch of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. According to that department, special consultative status is granted to NGOs which have a special competence in, and are concerned specifically with, only a few of the fields of activity covered by the ECOSOC.[1]

Universal Great Brotherhood Foundación Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière

Among the many goals and aims of the Universal Brotherhood is the establishment of Tolerance, Truth, and Peace, while recognizing that the truth is not something exclusive but that every path, religion, philosophy, culture has a part of the truth. Its objective is to bring together science, art and religion, for the purpose of intellectual improvement as well as spiritual education.

The Universal Brotherhood's goal is to unite people who wish to work towards the transcendence of the spirit, regardless of belief, nationality, gender and economic status. This organization is non sectarian and gives classes, lectures, and workshops regarding all the different paths, religions, philosophies and cultures impartially with preference towards none The term 'Universal Brotherhood' also refers to the oneness of the whole world, and its aim is to reduce wars and discrimination against selective people such as labourers.

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The principal activities of Universal Brotherhood are community service such as workshops on good nutrition, yoga for good health, meditation for relaxation, activities for children and adolescents, and women's clubs.

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