Unity of Oleksandr Omelchenko

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Unity of Oleksandr Omelchenko (Ukrainian: Єдності Олександра Омельченка), prior to 2020 Unity (Ukrainian: Єдність) is a political party in Ukraine created in 1999 as a protest.[2] The party is led by the former mayor of Kyiv Oleksandr Omelchenko although in early 2008, he temporally halted his party membership in favor of a membership of Our Ukraine-Peoples Self Defence.[1][4]

Unity of Oleksandr Omelchenko

Єдності Олександра Омельченка
LeaderOleksandr Omelchenko[1]
FoundedOctober 16, 1999 (1999-10-16)[2]
Kyiv City Council
15 / 120
Vinnytsia Oblast (2010)
20 / 132

Prior to the 2020 Kyiv local election the party changed its name to its current name.[1]

Logo of the party Unity


The party supported Yevhen Marchuk in the 1999 Ukrainian presidential election.[5] Marchuk took only the 5th place out of 13, while gaining 8.13% of the vote in the first round.[5]

In 2001 a parliamentary faction called "Unity" was formed in the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine's parliament), which included 21 MPs.[5]

Ukrainian parliamentary election, 2002Edit

At the 2002 legislative elections, it was part of an alliance (also called Unity) that won 1.1% of the popular vote and 4 out of 450 seats.

The alliance consisted of:

  • Unity
  • Social Democratic Union (Social-Demokratyčnyj Sojuz)
  • Young Ukraine (Moloda Ukrajina)
  • Ukrainian Party of Justice - Union of Veterans, Handicapped, Chornobilians, Afghans (Ukrajins'ka Partija Spravedlivosti - Sojuz Veteraniv, Invalidiv, Čornobil'civ, Afganciv)

Ukrainian parliamentary election, 2006Edit

During the 2006 parliamentary elections the party was part of an electoral alliance led by Yevhen Marchuk[6] (Electoral Bloc "Yevhen Marchuk - "Unity") which didn't make it into parliament winning only 0,06% of the votes.[7]

The alliance consisted of:[6]

Ukrainian parliamentary election, 2007Edit

The party did not run during the 2007 elections but advised its voters to vote for Forward, Ukraine! or Peoples Self-defence.[8]

Since 2010, transformation into a local partyEdit

In the 2010 local elections Unity won 22 representatives in the Vinnytsia Oblast Council (regional parliaments of Vinnytsia Oblast).[9]

During the 2014 Kyiv local election Unity won 3.3% of the votes and 2 seats in the Kyiv City Council; including a seat for Omelchenko.[10][11] 15 deputies of the party were elected to the Kyiv City Council in the 2015 Kyiv local election.[5] In other Ukrainian city councils across the country Unity gained 28 seats in the 2015 Ukrainian local elections.[5]

In the 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary election Unity nominated three candidates, all in constituencies located in Kyiv.[5] None won a parliamentary seat.[5] Omelchenko took the 5th place in his constituency, gaining a little more than 8%.[5]

Prior to the 2020 Kyiv local election (set for 25 October 2020) the party changed its name to Unity of Oleksandr Omelchenko.[1][12]


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