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United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism is one of six subcommittees within the Senate Judiciary Committee.


  • Oversight of the Department of Justice's
- Criminal Division;
- Drug Enforcement Administration;
- Executive Office of the U.S. Attorneys;
- Violence Against Women's Office; and
- U.S. Marshals Office;
  • Oversight of the U.S. Sentencing Commission;
  • Youth violence and directly related issues;
  • Federal programs under the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974, as Amended (including the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act), and
  • Criminal justice and victim's rights legislation;
  • Oversight of the Office of National Drug Control Policy;
  • Oversight of Community Oriented Policing Office and Related law Enforcement grants; and
  • Oversight of the U.S. Secret Service.

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