United States Parachute Association

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) is a private sports governing body for the sport of skydiving in the United States. Its headquarters are located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The USPA's roots go back to the National Parachute Riggers-Jumpers, Inc., which was formed in the 1930s.

United States Parachute Association
United States Parachuting Association logo.jpg
JurisdictionUnited States
Founded1946 (1946)
AffiliationInternational Skydiving Commission
Affiliation date1946
Headquarters5401 Southpoint Centre Boulevard
LocationFredericksburg, Virginia, United States
PresidentChuck Akers
ChairmanRandy Allison
Vice president(s)Sherry Butcher
SecretaryRay Lallo, Jr.
Official website
Skydive at Chambersburg


USPA performs the following functions:

  • Issues sport skydiving licenses
  • Publishes and maintains skydiving training manuals and course guidelines from which instructional ratings are issued
  • Serves as legal advocate and political lobbyist for skydiving
  • Provides third-party insurance for skydivers
  • Maintains the Basic Safety Requirements (BSRs) as a set of voluntarily followed safety guidelines
  • Coordinates skydiving competitions and awards
  • Issues awards for longevity, skill and achievement
  • Publishes Parachutist, a monthly magazine for members[1]

In November 2020, USPA announced their plans for a National Skydiving Museum to be built in Central Florida, but didn't specify a timeframe for completion.[2]

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