1800 United States House of Representatives elections in South Carolina

Of the 6 South Carolina incumbents, only 3 were re-elected.

South Carolina switched to a general ticket for its two seats, instead of electing each one separately. Only one candidate received a majority in the 1800 election, requiring an 1801 run-off election to choose a Representative for the second seat.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Carolina 1
"Charleston District"
Thomas Pinckney Federalist 1797 (special) Incumbent retired.
Federalist hold.
Thomas Lowndes (Federalist) 87.0%[Note 1]
Robert Simons (Democratic-Republican) 13.0%
South Carolina 2
"Beaufort District"
John Rutledge, Jr. Federalist 1796 Incumbent re-elected. John Rutledge, Jr. (Federalist) 60.3%
Charles J. Colcock (Democratic-Republican) 39.7%
South Carolina 3
"Georgetown District"
Benjamin Huger Federalist 1798 Incumbent re-elected. Benjamin Huger (Federalist) 54.5%
Lemuel Benton (Democratic-Republican) 45.1%
Tristam Thomas 0.4%
South Carolina 4
"Camden District"
Thomas Sumter Democratic-Republican 1796 Incumbent re-elected. Thomas Sumter (Democratic-Republican) 63.3%
Richard Winn (Federalist) 32.6%
William Bracey (Federalist) 4.1%
South Carolina 5
"Ninety-Six District"
Robert Goodloe Harper Federalist 1794 Incumbent retired.
Democratic-Republican gain.
William Butler Sr. (Democratic-Republican) 63.9%
John Nicholls (Federalist) 31.0%
Charles Goodwyn (Federalist) 5.1%
South Carolina 6
"Washington District"
Abraham Nott Federalist 1798 Incumbent retired.
Democratic-Republican gain.
Thomas Moore (Democratic-Republican) 50.7%
William Smith (Democratic-Republican) 49.3%


  1. ^ Percent based on incomplete records

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