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1991 United States House of Representatives elections

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In 1991 there were six special elections to the United States House of Representatives.

District Incumbent Result Candidates
Member Party First elected
Massachusetts 1 Silvio O. Conte Republican 1958 Incumbent died February 8, 1991.
New member elected June 18, 1991.
Democratic gain.
John Olver (Democratic) 49.6%
Steven Pierce (Republican) 48.2%
Patrick Joseph Armstrong (Independent) 1.3%
Dennis M. Kelly (Pro-Democracy Reform) 0.6%
Thomas Boynton (Unenrolled) 0.2%
Illinois 15 Edward Rell Madigan Republican 1972 Incumbent resigned upon appointment as United States Secretary of Agriculture.
New member elected July 2, 1991.
Republican hold.
Thomas W. Ewing (Republican) 66.3%
Gerald A. Bradley (Democratic) 33.6%
Texas 3 Steve Bartlett Republican 1982 Incumbent resigned upon election as Mayor of Dallas.
New member elected May 18, 1991.
Republican hold.
Sam Johnson (Republican) 52.6%
Tom Pauken (Republican) 47.4%
Arizona 2 Mo Udall Democratic 1961 (Special) Incumbent resigned for health reasons.
New member elected October 3, 1991.
Democratic hold.
Ed Pastor (Democratic) 55.5%
Pat Conner (Republican) 44.4%
Pennsylvania 2 William H. Gray III Democratic 1978 Incumbent resigned to become director of the United Negro College Fund.
New member elected November 5, 1991.
Democratic hold.
Lucien E. Blackwell (Democratic) 39.2%
Chaka Fattah (Consumer) 28.0%
John F. White, Jr. (John F. White, Jr. Party) 27.6%
Nadine G. Smith-Bulford (Republican) 5.2%
Virginia 7 D. French Slaughter Jr. Republican 1984 Incumbent resigned due to ill health (stroke).
New member elected November 5, 1991.
Republican hold.
George Allen (Republican) 63.9%
Kay E. Slaughter (Democratic) 35.7%

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