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List of ambassadors of the United States to Turkey

The United States has maintained many high level contacts with Turkey since the 19th century.

Ambassador of the United States to Turkey
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Seal of the United States Department of State
David M. Satterfield US State Dept photo.jpg
David M. Satterfield

since August 2019
NominatorThe President of the United States
Inaugural holderGeorge W. Erving
as Chargé d'Affaires
WebsiteU.S. Embassy - Ankara


Ottoman EmpireEdit

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Ambassador Extraordinary and PlenipotentiaryEdit

The Ottoman Empire severed diplomatic relations with the United States on April 20, 1917, after the United States declared war against Germany on April 4, 1917. Normal diplomatic relations were re-established with the Empire's successor state, Turkey, in 1927.[2]

Republic of TurkeyEdit


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