United Party of Retirees and Pensioners

The United Party of Retirees and Pensioners (Portuguese: Partido Unido dos Reformados e Pensionistas, PURP) is a Portuguese political party focused on securing the rights of pensioners.[1] It was founded by António Mateus Dias and Fernando Loureiro and registered by the Portuguese Constitutional Court on 13 July 2015.[2] It contested the Portuguese legislative election, 2015 and the European Parliament election, 2019.

United Party of Retirees and Pensioners

Partido Unido dos Reformados e Pensionistas
LeaderAntónio Mateus Dias & Fernando Loureiro
FoundedJuly 13, 2015 (2015-07-13)
HeadquartersRua Pedrouços, nº. 27, Gabinete 11-E 1400-285 Lisboa (Lisbon)
IdeologyPensioners' rights
Political positionBig tent
Assembly of the Republic
0 / 230

The party is generally anti-austerity and sees itself as a defender of the weak and vulnerable in Portuguese society, which also includes people in poor, neglected inland areas. They claim to be "defending the values of human dignity, freedom, justice and solidarity".[3] Their main goal is to raise minimum pensions to the national minimum wage. Other goals are promoting transparency in the public sector, preventing corruption and cronyism, securing free health and education for ordinary people, non-discrimination on the grounds of age, race, religion and gender and separating political power from economic power.[3]


PURP has a Green agenda and wants to secure environmental protection and promote sustainable development, as a precautionary principle for future generations.[3]

Foreign policyEdit

In foreign policy, the party defends that Portugal should advocate regulation of the economic and financial system at the global level as well as the abolition of tax havens and support the UN in obtaining these goals.[3]


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