United Nations Security Council Resolution 547

United Nations Security Council resolution 547, adopted unanimously on 13 January 1984, after reaffirming previous resolutions on the topic, the Council expressed its concern at the death sentences issued to Malesela Benjamin Maloise, a member of the African National Congress.

UN Security Council
Resolution 547
Apartheid-era sign (1989)
Date13 January 1984
Meeting no.2,512
CodeS/RES/547 (Document)
SubjectSouth Africa
Voting summary
  • 14 voted for
  • None voted against
  • 1 abstained
Security Council composition
Permanent members
Non-permanent members
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The resolution called upon the South African authorities to commute the sentences imposed on Mr Maloise, and urged all other Member States and organisations to help save the life of the man. The resolution passed fourteen votes in favour, none against, France abstained.[1]

Maloise, a black poet, was convicted of murdering a policeman. Despite a court ruling that Maloise was under heavy psychological pressure at the time, President Pieter Willem Botha ordered his execution. On 18 October 1985, Maloise was hanged in Pretoria Central Prison.[2]

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