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United Centre (Ukrainian: Єдиний Центр, romanizedYedynyi Tsentr) is a Ukrainian political party. It is an offspring of Our Ukraine.[5] Legally United Centre is the successor of the Party of Private Property (Ukrainian: Партія приватної власності; Partija Privatnoi Vlasnosti), registered with the Ministry of Justice on September 24, 1999.[6] The party changed its name to United Centre in March 2008.[6]

United Centre

Єдиний Центр
LeaderViktor Baloha[1]
FoundedSeptember 24, 1999 (1999-09-24) (Party of Private Property) / March 27, 2008 (2008-03-27) (United Centre)
HeadquartersKiev, Ukraine[2]
Political positionCentre[3]
International affiliationNone
Verkhovna Rada
0 / 450
Regions (2010)
75 / 3,056

The party won 3 seats in the Ukrainian parliament in the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election;[7] but in February 2013 its member Pavlo Baloha was deprived of his deputy seats by the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine because it had established that the election results in the single-member districts in which he was elected had been "unreliable".[8] In the 2014 parliamentary election the party won no parliamentary seats.[9][10]



Party of Private PropertyEdit

The Party of Private Property was registered with the Ministry of Justice September 24, 1999.[2][6] At the 1999 Ukrainian presidential election the party endorsed incumbent President Leonid Kuchma.[11]

During the Ukrainian parliamentary elections 2002 it was part of the electoral alliance Team of Winter Generation.[2][12] Team of Winter Generation won 2.0% of the popular vote and no seats.[2][13]

Party of Private Property did not participate in the Ukrainian parliamentary elections of 2006 and 2007.[2]

The merger of United Centre with the Democratic Party of Ukraine failed to materialize prior to the first ever congress of United Centre.[14]

United CentreEdit

Viktor Yushchenko Presidency (2008-2009)Edit

In February 2008 several prominent members left Our Ukraine.[15] Viktor Baloha, Head of the President's Secretariat resigned on February 15 (to lift the issue of the correlation between the authorities as the President's Chief of Staff and as a member of the OU-PSD presidium).[16] Roman Bezsmertny, high ranked party official, along with people's deputies, Mykhaylo Polyanchych, Ihor Kryl, Viktor Topolov, Oksana Bilozir and Vasyl Petevka resigned on February 20, in a joint statement the declared that: "some of the leaders of the party play their own game, coming from personal interests and it has nothing to do with responsibility, pluralism and norms of democracy."[17]

At the sixth Party Congress of the Party of Private Property, held on 20 March 2008, the party decided to change its name to United Centre.[6] At this time the party's goals were: "assisting President Viktor Yushchenko to realize its program of actions"[5] and "to unite Eastern Ukraine and Western Ukraine".[5]

On March 27, United Centre held the founding meeting in Kiev.[5] On July 8, Presidential Secretariat's Chief Baloha entered the United Centre party.[5][18] On July 12, 2008 United Centre re-elected Verkhovna Rada deputy Ihor Kril of Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense bloc as its leader.[5] The merger of United Center with the Democratic Party of Ukraine failed to materialize prior to the congress.[14][19] Administrative pressure by governors upon state employees to sign up to United Centre is said to be ongoing.[14][18] Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defence Bloc did complain that members of its regional branches are being poached by United Centre.[18]

In October 2008 Social Christian Party merged with United Centre.[20]

On October 21, 2008 the presidium of People's Union Our Ukraine decided not to team up with any other party then the Our Ukraine–People's Self-Defense Bloc for the 2008 snap parliamentary poll and called the idea of teaming up with United Centre "impossible".[21][22] On 20 November 2008, the United Centre leader Ihor Kril said the party will participate independently in the next parliamentary elections and that he "fully support the view that the format of Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense Bloc, as it exists now, is not realistic or effective. Every political force should take responsibility for their actions before the electorate".[23]

According to UNIAN, the People's Union Our Ukraine and United Centre parties was to carry out a unifying congress on January 17, 2009. The People's Democratic party was reported to join the move.[24] However nothing like this happened.

After Viktor Baloha resigned as Head of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine he claimed he resigned from this post as he is totally against President Yushchenko's decision to run for president for a second term, the second reason behind his resignation was nepotism. "I'm confident that you have no moral right to participate in the presidential elections. I'm not your supporter here," Baloha said in a statement made available from the United Centre party's press service to Interfax-Ukraine on May 19, 2009.[25][26]

Viktor Yanukovych Presidency (since 2010)Edit

The party did not join the parliamentary coalition which supported the Azarov Government in March 2010 because the Communist Party of Ukraine was a part of that coalition.[27]

A March 2010 poll predicted that the party would get 0.2% of the vote at the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election.)[28]

Early August parliamentarian Kyrylo Kulykov joined the party, thus as of August 2010 6 United Centre members are lawmakers in the Verkhovna Rada.[29] Kulykov had switched from Yuriy Lutsenko's People's Self-Defense.[30] This was 9 too short to form a United Centre faction in the Verkhovna Rada.[31]

In the 2010 local elections the party won a few representative in regional parliaments but achieved a stunning victory in the Zakarpattia Oblast.[32]

On November 12, 2010 President Viktor Yanukovych appointed party leader Viktor Baloha Minister of Emergencies and Minister of the Protection of the Population from the Chernobyl disaster .[33] According to Baloha this did not mean his party would join the coalition Government.[1] According to Ukrayinska Pravda the United Centre deputies in parliament already quietly voted with the Party of Regions (the main component of the Azarov Government).[34] Deputy Lesya Orobets left the party after Baloha's appointment because the party never informed her about it.[35]

According to Ukrainian media Strong Ukraine party leader Serhiy Tyhypko personally prevented an merger of United Centre with Party of Regions in March 2012.[36]

The party did not take part in the October 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election nationwide proportional party-list system;[37] instead nine members of the party tried to win a seat in nine of the 225 local single-member districts.[38][39] The party won 3 constituencies (all in Zakarpattia) and thus parliamentary representation.[40] These seats where won by Viktor Baloha, Vasyl Petiovka and Pavlo Baloha.[41] Pavlo Baloha joined the faction of Party of Regions in December 2012, while Viktor Baloha and Petiovka did not join any faction.[42] Pavlo Baloha left the Party of Regions faction mid-April 2012 to become an unaffiliated lawmaker too.[43]

Pavlo Baloha was deprived of his deputy seats on 8 February 2013 by the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine because it had established that the election results in the single-member districts in which he was elected (single-member districts number 71 in Zakarpattia Oblast) had been "unreliable".[8] On 7 July 2013 Pavlo Baloha's mandate was officially cancelled.[44]

In the 2014 parliamentary election the party did not compete on the nationwide party list and also did not win a constituency seat and thus no parliamentary seats.[9][10]


The party rejects any possibility of joining a parliamentary coalition with the Communist Party of Ukraine.[27][45]


Parliamentary since 1994
(year links to election page)
Year Bloc Votes % Mandates
Team of Winter Generation
0 (0)
did not participate
did not participate
0 (3)

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