Union for Peace in the Central African Republic

Union for Peace in the Central African Republic (UPC, French: Unité pour la paix en Centrafrique) is a rebel group in the Central African Republic which controls southern parts of the country.

Union for Peace in the Central African Republic
Unité pour la paix en Centrafrique
LeadersAli Darassa
Dates of operation2014–
Split fromSéléka
HeadquartersBambari (2014–17)
Alindao (2017–2020)
Bokolobo (2020–2021)
Boyo (2021–)[1]
Active regionsSouthern part of Central African Republic
Part ofCoalition of Patriots for Change (since 2020)
OpponentsCentral African Republic FACA
Russia Wagner Group (since 2020)
United Nations MINUSCA (sometimes)
Anti-balaka (until 2020)
Republic of Logone FPRC (sometimes)
Battles and warsJanuary 2019 Bambari clashes
  Territories under control of UPC


UPC was formed on 17 September 2014 by Ali Darassa from ex-Séléka elements. Their initial headquarters was Bambari, however they were forced to retreat on 6 March 2017.[2] On 10 January 2019 they launched heavy attack on MINUSCA forces in Bambari vowing to recapture the city. They were repelled and in response Portuguese paratroopers raided their base in Bokolobo seizing some weapons and destroying some checkpoints.[3] On 17 December 2020 UPC joined Coalition of Patriots for Change.[4]

War crimesEdit

On 29 January 2019 18 people were killed and 23 wounded when UPC fighters opened fire during funeral ceremony in Ippy.[5] Between 2016 and 2020 UPC killed more than 1300 people.[6]


UPC profits from gold and diamond mines in areas it controls including Ndassima mine which they share control with FPRC.[7] They also profit from controlling cattle markets in Mobaye and Kouango.[8]


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