Unión de Rugby de Cuyo

The Cuyo Rugby Union (Spanish: Unión de Rugby de Cuyo) (also known for its initials URC) is the organisational body that rules the game of rugby union in Mendoza Province, Argentina.

Cuyo Rugby Union
Unión de Rugby de Cuyo
SportRugby union
Founded1945; 76 years ago (1945) (1945; 76 years ago (1945))
UAR affiliation?
PresidentRicardo Ragazzone [1]


It was founded in September 1945 and initially was the governing body of rugby also in the San Juan Province until the founding of Unión Sanjuanina de Rugby in September 1952 [2]

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The Unión de Rugby de Cuyo is represented in the Campeonato Argentino, a competition in which each of the 24 unions that make up the Unión Argentina de Rugby (UAR) participate.




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