Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha

Pattie Sirapatsakmetha (Thai: อังศุมาลิน สิรภัทรศักดิ์เมธา; born 13 July 1991[1]), nickname Pattie (Thai: แพทตี้), is a Thai film and television actress and model. She has starred in many films and television series such as Hormones (2008),[2] Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story (2009),[3][4] Hormones: The Series (2013–2014),[5][6] Princess Hours (2017), I Sea U (2018)[7][8] and Fleet of Time (2019).

Pattie Ungsumalynn
อังศุมาลิน สิรภัทรศักดิ์เมธา
Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha

(1991-07-13) 13 July 1991 (age 32)
Other namesPattie (Thai: แพทตี้)
EducationBachelor of Communication Arts (SAE Institute Bangkok)
Years active2008–present
Height1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
(m. 2022)

Early life and education


Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Pattie has one elder brother and two elder sisters. She has a Chinese ancestry.[9]

Pattie attended primary school at Sacred Heart Convent school although she is Buddhist. During high school at Convent of the Infant Jesus, in Bangkok, her concentration was Business Chinese. Pattie was a cheerleader and class leader who enjoyed participating in extracurricular activities including sports. Her favorite sports are badminton and wakeboarding.[10] She graduated with a bachelor's degree of communication arts, majoring in digital film making at SAE Institute Bangkok.[11][12]

Personal life


She has been in a relationship with Worrawech Danuwong whom she met since a 2009 TV series.[13][14] He proposed to her in September 2022 and they got married in November 2022.[15][16]


Year Title Series Channel Ref.
2018 Throw, Throw, Release (เพลง โยน ทิ้ง ปล่อย) I Sea U Lasercat Studio [17][18]




Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2008 Hormones Nana Main role [19][20][21]
SHE Prae Short film
2009 Best of Times Pet owner Supporting role
Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story Plern [22]
2010 Pattie & The Swollen Pattie Short film
2011 Bangkok Sweety Matae Supporting role
2012 Valentine Sweety
Seven Something Cheerleader Guest role
Sat2Mon Pheng (Duonpheng) Main role [23]
2014 Find Someone Special Fai Main role, short film

Television series

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2008 Moradok Bunterng Plern Guest role
2009 Spy The Series (Sai Lab the Series) Amm Main role
2010 Hua Jai Ploy Jone Supporting role
2013 Carabao Main role
2013-2015 Hormones: The Series Khongkwan "Kwan" Dilokthamsakul Main role (Season 1–2)
Guest role (Season 3)
2014 Naruk Lolita Main role
2015 Stupid Cupid Araya Wiwatthananonth
Torfun Kub Marvin Torfun Boonyapat
Love Flight Plaifah / "Fah"
2017 Lost in Kiriwong Nam
Princess Hours Crown Princess Kaning [26]
2018 I Sea U Talay [27][28][29][30]
Ngao Charoenkwan
2019 Fleet of Time Fang
Sapai TKO Rakfah

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2009 Top Awards 2008 Best Breakout Actress Hormones Nominated
2010 Top Awards 2009 Best Breakout Movie Actress Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story Won [31]
Star Entertainment Awards 2010 Best Supporting Actress Nominated
7th Hamburger Awards Best Supporting Actress Nominated
Kazz Awards 2010 Favorite Actress Won


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