Une Femme ou Deux

Une Femme ou Deux is a French comedy film released in 1985. It was directed by Daniel Vigne [fr] who was also the screenwriter along with Élisabeth Rappeneau.

Une Femme ou Deux
Directed byDaniel Vigne
Produced byMichel Choquet
Screenplay byDaniel Vigne and Élisabeth Rappeneau
Music by
Release date


Gérard Depardieu makes an archeological find of a two-million-year-old French woman which he calls Laura. He is approached and conned by an American advertising executive (Sigourney Weaver), masquerading as a charity organisation executive in order to use the woman for her own perfume advertising campaign. Later the real charity organisation executive (Ruth Westheimer) turns up ... it all develops from there.



It was released in the U.S. under the name One Woman or Two,[1] the literal English language translation of its French language title.


Chicago Sun-Times reviewer Roger Ebert wrote of this film in a half star review, "Add it all up, and what you've got here is a waste of good electricity. I'm not talking about the electricity between the actors. I'm talking about the current to the projector."[1] It's on his "Most Hated Films" list.


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