Underground Work (Women) Convention, 1935

Underground Work (Women) Convention, 1935 is an International Labour Organization Convention.

Underground Work (Women) Convention, 1935
ILO Convention
Date of adoptionJune 21, 1935
Date in forceMay 30, 1937
ClassificationUnderground Work
SubjectOccupational Safety and Health
PreviousUnemployment Provision Convention, 1934 (shelved)
NextHours of Work (Coal Mines) Convention (Revised), 1935

It was established in 1935, with the preamble stating:

Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to the employment of women on underground work in mines of all kinds,..


As of 2013, the treaty has been ratified by 98 states. Of the ratifying states, 28 have subsequently renounced the convention.

Country Ratification date Status
Afghanistan 14/05/1937 ratified
Angola 04/06/1976 ratified
Argentina ratified
Australia 07/10/1953 renounced on 20/05/1988
Austria ratified renounced
Azerbaijan ratified
Bahamas ratified
Bangladesh ratified
Belarus (as the Byelorussian SSR) ratified
Belgium ratified renounced
Bolivia ratified
Bosnia and Herzegovina ratified
Brazil ratified
Bulgaria ratified
Cameroon ratified
Canada 16/09/1966 renounced on 19/05/1978
Chile 16/03/1946 renounced on 30/05/1997
China (as the Republic of China) ratified
Costa Rica ratified
Côte d'Ivoire ratified
Croatia 08/10/1991 ratified
Cuba 14/04/1936 ratified
Cyprus 23/09/1960 ratified
Czech Republic ratified renounced
Djibouti ratified renounced
Dominican Republic ratified
Ecuador ratified
Egypt ratified
Estonia 04/06/1937 renounced on 06/12/2007
Fiji ratified
Finland 03/03/1938 renounced on 19/09/1997
France ratified renounced
Gabon ratified
Germany ratified renounced
Ghana ratified
Greece ratified
Guatemala ratified
Guinea-Bissau ratified
Guinea ratified
Guyana ratified
Haiti ratified
Honduras ratified
Hungary ratified renounced
India ratified
Indonesia ratified
Ireland 20/08/1936 renounced on 27/05/1988
Italy ratified renounced
Japan ratified
Kenya ratified
Kyrgyzstan ratified
Lebanon ratified
Lesotho ratified
Luxembourg 03/03/1958 renounced on 29/04/1988
Malawi ratified
Malaysia (as the Federation of Malaya) ratified
Malta ratified renounced
Mexico ratified
Montenegro ratified
Morocco ratified
Netherlands 20/02/1937 renounced on 29/04/1998
New Zealand 29/03/1938 renounced on 23/06/1987
Nicaragua ratified
Nigeria ratified
North Macedonia[1] ratified
Pakistan ratified
Panama ratified
Papua New Guinea ratified
Peru 08/11/1945 renounced on 09/06/1997
Poland ratified renounced
Portugal ratified
Russian Federation (as the Soviet Union) ratified
Saudi Arabia ratified
Serbia (as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) ratified
Sierra Leone ratified
Singapore ratified
Slovakia ratified renounced
Slovenia ratified renounced
Solomon Islands ratified
Somalia ratified
South Africa ratified
Spain ratified renounced
Sri Lanka ratified
Swaziland ratified
Sweden 11/07/1936 renounced on 15/06/1967
Switzerland ratified
Syrian Arab Republic ratified
Tajikistan ratified
Tanzania (as Tanganyika) ratified
Tunisia ratified
Turkey ratified
Uganda ratified
Ukraine (as the Ukrainian SSR) ratified
United Kingdom 18/07/1936 renounced on 26/05/1988
Uruguay 18/03/1954 renounced on 26/05/1978
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela ratified
Viet Nam ratified
Zambia 02/12/1964 renounced on 03/03/1998
Zimbabwe ratified renounced


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