Uncle Slam

Uncle Slam was an American crossover thrash band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1984 under the name The Brood. They were influenced by punk rock bands of the 1980s like Suicidal Tendencies (which featured some of the members of Uncle Slam and The Brood), D.R.I., Corrosion of Conformity, Black Flag and the Circle Jerks, as well as heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Slayer and Motörhead. Many of their songs are about politics, rebel themes, death, pain and violence.[1] Uncle Slam has released four studio albums (one was recorded under their original name) and four demo tapes (one was also recorded under their original name). The band broke up in 1995 but in 2010 they reissued their 1988 album Say Uncle on CD for the first time.[2]

Uncle Slam
Also known asThe Brood (until 1987)
OriginLos Angeles, California, United States
GenresCrossover thrash, hardcore punk, thrash metal
Years active1984–1995
LabelsMedusa, Restless, Caroline, Profile
Associated actsSuicidal Tendencies
The Brood
Past membersTodd Moyer
Simon Oliver
R. J. Herrera
Jon Nelson
John Flitcraft
Louiche Mayorga
Bob Heathcote
Angelo Espino
Amery Smith


Uncle Slam originally formed in 1984 under the name The Brood by vocalists and guitarists Jon Nelson, Todd Moyer, bassist John Flitcraft, and former Suicidal Tendencies drummer Amery Smith. After releasing their self-titled debut album in 1986, the band changed their name to Uncle Slam in 1987.

Flitcraft quit the band before they changed their name and was replaced by Louiche Mayorga, who previously played bass alongside Smith in Suicidal Tendencies, but also soon left. He was briefly replaced by Bob Heathcote (who would later join Suicidal Tendencies) before Simon Oliver finally joined shortly after.

The first "Uncle Slam" album was Say Uncle, released in 1988 through Caroline Records. Before the band could work on a follow-up to that album, Oliver left Uncle Slam in 1989 and was replaced by Angelo Espino.

After Oliver returned in 1991, the band released their second album under the Uncle Slam name, Will Work for Food, in 1993 through Restless Records. Smith departed the band the following year and was replaced by another former Suicidal Tendencies member, R. J. Herrera. With the lineup of Moyer, Oliver, and Herrera, the band recorded and released their third and final album, When God Dies, in 1995 through Medusa Records. The band broke up that same year.

After Smith's departure from Uncle Slam, he resurfaced in two bands, the Beastie Boys and BS 2000. He is now in AgainST, formed by Excel singer Dan Clements and former Suicidal Tendencies members Grant Estes, Amery Smith and Louiche Mayorga.




Studio albumsEdit

Year of Release Title Label
1986 The Brood (released under the band's moniker The Brood) Profile Records
1988 Say Uncle Caroline Records
1993 Will Work for Food Restless Records
1995 When God Dies Medusa Records


Year of Release Title
1985 Demo (released under the band's moniker The Brood) [1]
1987 Say Uncle preproduction demo
1987 Demo '87
1988 Say Uncle


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