Umm al-Fahm bus bombing

The Umm al-Fahm bus bombing was a suicide bombing which occurred on March 20, 2002 on an Egged bus which was passing through Umm al-Fahm in northern Israel. 7 people were killed in the attack and 27 people were injured.

Umm al-Fahm bus bombing
Part of the Second Intifada
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The attack site
DateMarch 20, 2002
Attack type
suicide bombing
Deaths7 Israeli civilians (+ 1 bomber)
Injured27 Israeli civilians
PerpetratorsIslamic Jihad claimed responsibility

The Palestinian Islamist militant organization Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attackEdit

On Wednesday, 7:05 am March 20, 2002, a Palestinian militant exploded himself on Egged bus no. 823 which was traveling on Highway 65 on its way from Tel Aviv to Nazareth. The explosion occurred while the bus was passing through Umm al-Fahm. Seven people - four soldiers and three civilians - were killed in the explosion and 27 other passengers were injured.


The perpetratorsEdit

The Palestinian Islamist militant organization Islamic Jihad which claimed responsibility for the attack stated that the suicide bomber was a 24-year-old Palestinian Rifat Abu-Ediak from Jenin.


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