Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve

Umhlanga lagoon is a 26 hectares (64 acres) nature reserve on the shore of the Indian Ocean at Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa.[1] The reserve encloses the Ohlanga River's lagoon and mouth.[2] The forest forms a natural extension of the less accessible Hawaan Forest, of which the greater part lies inland of the busy M4 road. The reserve trails start at a car park at the northern end of Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga.

Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve
Ohlanga-strandmeer, Umhlanga, a.jpg
Southern extension of the Ohlanga river lagoon
Map showing the location of Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve
Coordinates29°42′33″S 31°05′51″E / 29.70917°S 31.09750°E / -29.70917; 31.09750Coordinates: 29°42′33″S 31°05′51″E / 29.70917°S 31.09750°E / -29.70917; 31.09750
Area26 hectares (64 acres)

The reserve has picnic sites, the remains of a prehistoric shell midden[3] and walking trails,[2] with a walkway and pedestrian bridge that span the lagoon.

At the mouth of the Ohlanga lagoon there is a popular but unofficial nudist beach.[4][5][6] Increased use of the area by non-nudist walkers and families resulted in complaints about nudism and antisocial behaviour.[7] The area was at one time a ‘no-go’ area, due to a serious crime problem.[7]

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